Firestone EPDM Poolgard Liner 1.14mm


Firestone Pondgard EPDM Liner 1.14mm – Full, Half Rolls or cut to length

  • Cost per square metre on HALF rolls is $ 20.51 – 22.57
  • Cost per square metre on FULL rolls is $ 20.51
  • Cost per square metre BASED on LINEAL metre is $24.62


Firestone EPDM GEOGARD 1.14mm – Full, Half Rolls & Cut to Length

1.14mm Firestone EPDM GEOGARD membrane is specifically designed for decorative pond applications.

Best rubber membrane for ponds is Firestone GeoGard EPDM 1.14mm is the material of choice for the 12 lining applications below:

  1. Fish Ponds,
  2. Swim ponds,
  3. Artificial lakes & Dams,
  4. Water Features,
  5. Decorative Ponds,
  6. Pondless Water Features,
  7. Water Courses,
  8. Waterfalls, Organic Pools,
  9. Leisure Park water features,
  10. reflection ponds,
  11. Fountains,
  12. Natural Swimming Pools and even Bog Gardens.

Firestone 1.14mm fish safe EPDM Pond Liner Roll.

Firestone fish safe EPDM pond liner leads the industry in quality and reliability. Backed by an industry leading 20-year guarantee.

For durability, longevity and ease of install, nothing beats this quality rubber 1.14mm EPDM Pond Liner. This liner is UV stabilised, fish and potable water safe and there are examples of this product still in use after 30 years in full sun. A pond liner is probably the make or break of any water feature, if it leak’s or break’s down after a few years then you will be rebuilding your feature and the disruption to your landscape and additional costs are not worth it. It’s comparable to using poor materials in the foundation of a house, don’t do it.

EPDM rubber liners conform easily to the shape of your pond and support large boulders with the use of an appropriate geotextile or pond underlay. Firestone EPDM GEOGARD 1.14mm is recommended in the construction of new ponds, water features etc. and in renovations and rebuilds of existing features once the owner’s frustration with leaking structure has reached its peak.  Usually, the relatively small difference in cost of cheaper liners is not worth the heartbreak in the long term and a membrane that fails is never cheap.

The varying sizes of Firestone EPDM GEOGARD 1.14mm thick available means that a pond can be constructed with one piece of liner, no joins just one integral foundation for your pond or creek. In larger features over 26 meters wide (dependant on depth) it is relatively easy to securely lap or join sections to achieve the required size.
Lap kits and easy fix liner patches are available. If you are building a creek into a pond or lake there is generally no need to join the liners, as long as the overlap is above water level there is no capillary action or possibility for water loss due to backflow/overflow.

  1. Safe for fish and plants
  2. Superior elongation and lay-flat characteristics
  3. Exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone and oxidation
  4. Ease of installation with no special tools required
  5. 1.14mm thickness
  6. 20 year guarantee

Best rubber membrane for ponds is GeoGard EPDM 1.14mm thickness is available in either full length 30.5 metre rolls, half length rolls or
Cut to length sizes to best suit your application.


General Information Pond Liners

Pond liners made from synthetic rubbers are significantly more flexible and durable than liners made from plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene (PP), or thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO). Understanding the important differences between pond-grade rubbers and roofing rubbers and deciding what type of pond-grade rubber is best for each project requires a rudimentary understanding of how synthetic rubbers are made and how they differ.


The characteristics of an EPDM rubber sheet is determined both by the particular EPDM compound (mixture of ingredients) selected. Since any rubber made primarily of EPDM polymer can be called EPDM rubber, there are many types of EPDM and simply purchasing an EPDM sheet for use as a pond liner can be risky in the absence of information about the other ingredients which make up the majority of the formula. For example, certain curing compounds, fire-retardants, and fillers commonly used in EPDM roofing sheets rubber can be toxic to aquatic life. Pond-grade EPDM rubbers must be specially formulated and tested to be safe for plants, fish, and other aquatic life. We offer two pond-grade EPDM sheets: Pond EPDM and Conservation Technology EPDM, both of which have a long track record of safe use for pond lining.

Firestone is marketed under the trade name Firestone GeoGard™ EPDM 1.14mm.

Additional information

Roll Lengths Available

Full Roll 30.5 Lineal metres, Half Roll 15.25 Lineal metres, Cost per Lineal metre

Firestone Geogard EPDM Liner 1.14mm - Rolls

4.57m EPDM Pondgard Liner 1.14mm, 6.10m EPDM Pondgard Liner 1.14mm, 6.10m EPDM Liner 1.14mm, 7.62m EPDM Liner 1.14mm, 9.15m EPDM Liner 1.14mm, 12.2m EPDM Liner 1.14mm, 15.25m EPDM Liner 1.14mm


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