Building Maintenance Solutions for Concrete Defects

Find out how to use OnlineWaterproofingShop’s building maintenance products. Which provide building maintenance solutions to many of your various building maintenance areas

1. Concrete Crack Repair

2. Concrete Spalling Repairs

3. Removal of Efflorescence and salts from Masonry

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Spalling Concrete Repairs – Drizoro Maxrest

Finding the real cause of a concrete problem is important. Rather than merely dealing with its symptoms. The key to a successful durable repair and refurbishment project. Then select the correct remedial building products. Don’t adopt the quick-fix approach in dealing with concrete defects. This may only provide a temporary cosmetic solution. The aim of the concrete solutions provided here is to create an awareness among the civil contractors and engineers to solve the concrete defects effectively.
They need to drill down through the symptoms to establish the actual root cause. Reexamining, re-designing, re-assessing, re-selecting, re-applying and lots of ‘re-s’, can easily be avoided by examining and fixing the root cause of the concrete defect to ensure the same problems are not recurring. Make sure that the remedial building products used are for the correct concrete defects to ensure effective repairs and cost savings are achieved. 

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Concrete Repairs Drizoro Maxrite

Concrete Cracking

Corrosion of steel generates iron oxides and hydroxides, resulting in the increase of volume 5 to 8 times its original size. This increase in volume causes expansive forces to accumulate within the concrete around reinforcement and results in cracking and in areas with low cover, concrete spalling. Cracks provide easier access to oxygen, moisture, chlorides and other corrosive agents that create conditions suitable for accelerating the electrochemical corrosion process. Pretensioned concrete bridge girders may exhibit unexpected end cracking upon pre-stress release. Leakage from the bridge expansion joint could penetrate the bottom flange cracks and trigger severe corrosion. In this case the expansion joint leakage must be arrested prior to the crack and concrete repair activity.

Reference Corrosionpedia

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