Quickseam Formflash Self-Curing Rubber Strip


Quickseam Formflash

QuickSeam FormFlash consists of uncured FormFlash factory laminated to QuickSeam Tape. It is designed to flash inside and outside corners, pipes, penetration pockets and other applications as required by Firestone Specifications and Details.

Comes in 15 cm or 23 cm widths



Quickseam Formflash Self-Curing Rubber Strip

1. Description

FormFlash  self-curing rubber strip, adaptable to irregular shapes and designed to flash system details (inside and outside corners, pipes, reinforcement patches…) in accordance with Firestone specifications. The FormFlash layer is factory laminated to QuickSeam Tape.

2. Preparation

The EPDM geomembrane surfaces must be prepared with QuickPrime Plus, using a QuickScrubber tool. Use of other products is not allowed. Restore the FormFlash product to room temperature prior to use if exposed to temperatures below 15ºC for prolonged periods.

3. Applications on

Cloudy days with ambient temperature below 15ºC, the use of a heat gun is recommended to warm the QuickSeam FormFlash and ensure good formability.
Sunny days, pre-heating of the product is usually not necessary. On sunny days less that 20°C, place FormFlash (prior to application) with flashing side up to allow QuickSeam to warm to ensure good formability.
When sunny days are greater than 20°C, place product (prior to application) with release paper side up to prevent QuickSeam FormFlash from gaining too much heat.
Applied as per the Firestone specifications and details.

4. Coverage

In accordance with length of detail. Pieces must overlap a minimum of 75mm and extend a minimum of 75mm beyond critical

5. Characteristics

The Firestone QuickSeam FormFlash is a rubber material with the following properties:

Quickseam Formflash Self-Curing Rubber Strip

Technical EPDM Flashing QuickSeam Tape

  • Base EPDM rubber polymers
  • Color black black
  • Solvents none none
  • Solids(%) 100 100
  • State uncured cured
  • Thickness 1.6mm 0.6mm

6. Precautions

Take care when moving, transporting or handling to avoid sources of punctures and physical damage. Isolate waste products, such as petroleum products, greases, oils (mineral and vegetable) and animal fats from Firestone QuickSeam FormFlash. As long as product is not fully cured, QuickSeam FormFlash has limited chemical and root resistance.

Store in original unopened carton at temperatures between 15°C and 25°C. Keep the material out of direct sunlight until ready for application.

Shelf life is expected to be 12 months, when stored in above-mentioned conditions. Verify production date on each roll.

Shelf life will be reduced if exposed to higher temperatures.



Above information taken from the information sheet below

Technical Sheet QuickSeam FormFlash



Additional information

Dimensions N/A
QuickSeam FormFlash Width 23 & 15 cm

23 cm, 15 cm

QuickSeam Roll Lineal Length

23cm x 15.24 lineal metre, Cost per Lineal metre


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