Drizoro Maxseal Traffic – Trafficable Waterproof Coating for concrete floors


Drizoro Maxseal Traffic

Trafficable Waterproof Coating for Provides a suitable trafficable waterproof coating for parking garages. Waterproofing on positive & negative pressure of concrete floors exposed to cars or other industrial traffic. Used for Floors of basements, tunnels, galleries, etc., subject to high water pressure and high wearing abrasion.


Drizoro Maxseal Traffic

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Drizoro Maxseal Traffic is a trafficable waterproof coating for concrete floors for parking garages, driveways basement floors and commercial concrete floors.


MAXSEAL® TRAFFIC is a two-component mortar based on special cements and water-based synthetic resin. Easily applied by brush, roller or spray equipment. To provide a suitable trafficable waterproof membrane for concrete floors to protect against positive and negative water pressure of concrete floors exposed to cars or other industrial traffic.

Trafficable Waterproof Coating for Concrete Floors Suitable for Waterproofing Applications

  • underground parking, garages, horizontal decks, ramps and other surfaces exposed to wheel traffic.
  • of slab-on-grade and concrete floors against rising damp and negative water pressure in warehouses, factories, residential buildings, etc.
  • Floors of basements, tunnels, galleries, etc., are subject to high water pressure and high wearing abrasion.

Line marking coating with a slip-resistant finish, zebra crossing, emergency lines, etc.

11 Advantages and Benefits of Maxseal Traffic

  1. Waterproofing and traffic bearing coating in one single product.
  2. Very high waterproofing/damp proofing performances. Withstands both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure.
  3. Excellent abrasion-resistant coating to vehicular traffic: cars, forklifts, industrial vehicles, etc.
  4. Very good water vapour diffusion, thereby it does not form a water vapour barrier and prevents the appearance of air bubbles on floors.
  5. Strong adhesion directly on concrete; no primers or bonding agents required.
  6. It is UV-resistant, and outdoor colour stable.
  7. High resistance exposed to chloride, de-icing salts, freeze-thaw cycles, atmospheric pollution, etc.
  8. Easy to use and no maintenance required.
  9. The final fine-textured coating of Maxseal® Traffic provides different decorative finishes: smooth, slip-resistant, roller, etc.
  10. Solvent-free, odour-free, non-flammable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.
  11. Suitable for application in poorly ventilated areas.


Surface Preparation

Substrate preparation is mandatory for success in the application. Concrete must be structurally sound and solid, without cement laitance, old coatings or paints.
When a smooth and/or poorly absorbent concrete surface is present:-
Recommended treatment with mechanical texturing by abrasive disc, sand-blasting, scarification or other abrasive methods to achieve at least an open textured surface.  Not being desirable aggressive mechanical or chemicals means.

Finally, vacuum the dust and other loose particles.
Wash substrate by water pressure in order to obtain a clean surface and free of efflorescence, loose particles, grease, oils, curing agents, form release agents, dust, organic growth or any other contaminants that may affect the adhesion.

Voids, holes and static cracks, once opened and routed minimum until 10 mm depth, must be patched with Maxroad (Technical Bulletin No.27).

If water leaks are present, use Maxplug (Technical Bulletin No. 04).

Expansion joints and active cracks are subject to movements. Once opened must be sealed with a suitable sealant of the MAXFLEX® range or MAXJOINT® ELASTIC EXPRESS.

Once the surface has been repaired, the entire surface to be coated should be thoroughly saturated with clean water. Allow excess water to drain away before applying MAXSEAL® TRAFFIC. Do not leave free-standing or pooled water on the surface.


MAXSEAL® TRAFFIC is supplied in two pre-weighed packs.

Pour 3/4 parts of the liquid resin, Component A, into a clean container and add the powder gradually, Component B, while mixing with a low-speed mixing drill (400-600 rpm). Mix for about 2 to 3 minutes until a homogeneous mixture free of lumps is achieved.

Pour all the remaining liquid resin and mix until eliminate all lumps. Do not add water and keep the liquid/powder ratio as per the packaging supplied.

Depending on the existing temperature. Pot-life expected will be about 30 minutes.
In order to keep the workability of the fresh mixture, remix it briefly again from time to time but never add more resin or water.

Trafficable Waterproof Coating for concrete floors

Application Method

Trafficable Waterproof Coating for concrete floors parking garages, maxseal traffic waterproof membrane commercial driveway

For the best coverage and thickness control, MAXSEAL® TRAFFIC is applied with a fibre type brush Drizoro Brush or fibre broom MAXBROOM. For large areas application is mechanically by spray machine.
Apply two coats with a consumption from 1,0 to 1,5 kg/m2 per coat (approx. 1 mm thickness per coat), for a total consumption 2,0-3,0 kg/m2.
Once the coating is spread. Do not overwork the surface finish with the brush or broom.


Waiting time between coats is from a minimum of 3-6 hours up to a maximum of 24-48 hours depending on temperature and ventilation conditions.
The second coat can be finished with different tools depending on the texture required, obtaining a slip-resistant finish either by brush, broom or roller.
For a Smooth Surface.
To achieve a smooth surface lightly Press the second coat with a metal trowel. While it is still fresh.

Application conditions

Do not apply below 5°C. Less than 5°C Expected within the following 24 hours after application.

Do not apply on frozen surfaces.

Or if rain is expected 24 hours after application.

Provide moisture curing protection against quick drying. When exposed to strong wind and/or direct sunlight with hot temperatures (> 30°C), by fog-spraying water after application.


Allow a curing time of 12-24 hours before opening to pedestrian traffic, and 24-48 hours for wheel traffic (at 20°C and 50% R.H.) depending on temperature and ventilation/humidity conditions. Applications at lower temperatures or sites with poor ventilation will require longer curing times.


Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with clean water. Remove cured material mechanically.

CONSUMPTION of Trafficable Waterproof Coating for concrete floors

Apply MAXSEAL® TRAFFIC in two coats of 1,0-1,5 kg/m² approximately per coat, achieving a total consumption of 2,0-3,0 kg/m2.
These figures may vary depending on porosity and substrate conditions, a preliminary test on-site will determine consumption exactly.


  • Do not add other types of cement, additives or aggregates to MAXSEAL® TRAFFIC.
  • Observe both minimum and maximum consumption figures recommended per coat.
  •  Apply only on concrete substrates. Do not apply to old coatings, bituminous/asphalt substrates, etc.

For other applications not specified in this Technical Bulletin or further information, consult our Technical Department.

PACKAGING Drizoro Maxy-seal Traffic kit trafficable waterproof membrane for industrial driveways

MAXSEAL® TRAFFIC has 2 components. Both pre-weighed set of 35 kg. (liquid component A in 10 kg plastic can + powder component B in 25 kg sack).
It is available in grey. Other colours can be made.


Twelve months in its original unopened packaging. Essential to store in a dry and covered place. Protected from humidity, direct sunlight and freezing. With temperatures above 5°C.


MAXSEAL® TRAFFIC is a non toxic abrasive compound. Wear protective rubber gloves, goggles and a dust mask that must be used during application. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with clean water, but do not rub. In case of skin contact, wash affected areas with soap and water. If irritation continues, seek medical attention.
For further information, the Safety Data Sheet of MAXSEAL® TRAFFIC is available by request.
Disposal of the product and its empty packaging:-
Disposal by the applicator end user, according to official regulations.

Trafficable Waterproof Coating for concrete floors parking garages, Trafficable Waterproof membrane

Finally, Drizoro Maxseal Traffic

Searching for a Trafficable waterproof coating for concrete floors then read this article again to learn everything about Trafficable waterproof coating for concrete floors. Suitable for parking garages, commercial floors & driveways.


Repairs to parking garages, commercial floors and driveways may be required before application of the trafficable waterproof membranes Read more.



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