How to do Use Drizoro for Waterproofing Solutions.

Cementitious waterproofing coatings and membranes are easily applied.  Because this makes them ideal for basements, tunnels, tanks, and ponds. Then you can’t miss this page.  Since Drizoro is so easy to use. Therefore your waterproofing problems can be solved by yourself as a DIY. Not so confident then hire a professional.
There are solutions for waterproofing even where expansion joints or mobile cracks are present. With Drizoro products you can easily find ways to solve most of your waterproofing problems.

Below we have links to the most common waterproofing solutions, if you can’t relate to the solutions below send a quick fill in the inquiry form below or go email here >>>


1.  Basement Waterproofing >>>

2.  Rising Damp in your walls >>>

3.  Waterproofing Lift Wells >>>

4.  Seal Expansion Joint Subject to Hydrostatic Pressure >>>

5.  Tunnel Waterproofing >>>

6.  Suspended concrete slab Waterproofing >>>

7.  Swimming Pools Waterproofing >>>

8.  Reinforced Concrete Tanks Leaking Water >>>

Specification for Sealing Internal Areas of Concrete Tanks Leaking Water >>>>
Specification for Sealing  External Areas of Concrete Tanks Leaking Water >>>>

9.  Repairing and Waterproofing Garden Ponds >>>

10. Waterproofing Concrete Planter Boxes

11. HEBEL / AAC – Autoclaved aerated concrete Waterproofing >>>

12. Waterproofing – Sealing Sewer Access Manholes >>>

13. How to Waterproof Dincel Joints & Joins >>>

14. Thermacell Waterproofing>>>

15. Clear Sealer Concrete >>>

16. Drizoro Waterproofing Membranes for Sewers

17. EPDM Rubber Waterproofing Membranes >>>

18. Waterproofing Bathrooms and Wet Areas >>>


Drizoro provides a simple process to waterproofing using just a few products.


Check where Drizoro Products and Waterproof Membranes are used in the construction of buildings

More Design Detail

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