Sealtight Clear Concrete Sealer


Sealtight permanently waterproofs insulates, hardens and preserves concrete, plaster, mortar and most natural stone.

Sealtight-  sealant for concrete, not just a surface coating, but a penetrating colourless, inorganic transparent liquid – non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable, inorganic scientific formulation.


Advanced Clear Waterproofing  Penetrating Clear Concrete Sealer System Based On A Scientific Blend Of Ingredients -Environmentally Friendly 

Technical Brochure | MSDS | Specifications | What makes SEALTIGHT different to other sealers?


SEALTIGHT is not a surface coating, but a penetrating Clear Concrete Sealer, colourless, inorganic transparent liquid, non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable, inorganic scientific formulation.

It permanently waterproofs, insulates, hardens and preserves concrete, plaster, mortar, sandstone and most natural stone.

The scientific formula causes a reaction that solidifies the component parts of masonry, concrete and cement mortars into a single mass making it waterproof. SealTight Clear is also resistant to acid, oil, fuels, fats and grease. Increases the density of the substrate, increases wear capability, and will prevent dusting, brick fretting, and cracking.

SealTight Clear applied to the masonry, concrete sealer, plaster and render Sealtight will penetrate and by a progressive chemical reaction, which is started at the surface, binds all component parts of the masonry into a more dense or solid mass. All free lime and alkali are neutralized as this reaction takes place. As the masonry increases in density, it becomes waterproof, resistant to acid, oil and grease.


 Application Fields:

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To make Showers watertight again. Faulty or missing mortar lines will require filling with Drizoro quick setting waterproof cements

  • All masonry construction old or new concrete, bricks, not Besser blocks, plastering/render.
  • Above ground, not recommended for below ground.
  • Concrete floors, walls, terrazzo and sandstone and most natural stone.
  • New or old constructions affected by pollution, sealing monuments, public buildings and roads, tunnels, basements, swimming pools, decks, dams, subways.
  • For sealing Showers and other wet areas.
  • Seals substrate prior to painting – rising damp barrier.
  • Tilt-Up Panels
  •  a natural stone clear sealer

 11 Advantages of using Penetrating Clear Concrete Sealer:

    1. Protects weak and old substrates.
    2. Prevents blistering and deterioration of paints and does not contain oils or solvents.
    3. Does not require special protection. Safe for the user and environment.
    4. Non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-flammable.
    5. NOT classified as a hazardous material.
    6. Environmentally friendly.
    7. NO  bonding problems for paint, glue, render, ie. can paint over.
    8. NOT harmful to aluminium, glass, tiles etc.
    9. Permanent waterproofing, preservation and protection.
    10. Resistant to acid, oil, fuels, fats and grease
    11. increases wear capability
sandstone brick, how-to-clean-&-seal- sandstone, sealtight clear for sealing sandstone

SealTight will preserve the natural sandstone or brick face and prevent deterioration of the surface by waterproofing the surface


Fill all holes and cracks
Remove dust, grease, unsound particles and loose or cracked paint, to optimize the penetration of SEALTIGHT Clean the surface to be treated if SALT is present – use Efflorescence Rid to remove it. The use of Bluee-Powerclean is recommended for cleaning. If the substrate is in bad condition i.e. missing mortar lines, holes, or spalling concrete, we recommend the use of Drizoro Maxseal FoundationDrizoro Maxseal Flex

APPLICATION SealTight Clear penetrating Sealant

Easily apply SealTight with a low-pressure backpack or hand spray. A low-pressure spray operating at no more than 20 psi. ensuring uniform and homogeneous coverage. Starting at the bottom, working across the surface and gradually working upwards. It is essential to saturate the substrate.

Allow SealTight to cure and penetrate for a period of about 12-24 hours.

If waterproofing is required Drizoro Maxseal Flex | Maxseal White| Maxseal Foundation is to be applied immediately while SealTight is still wet. Complete curing 4-5 days before painting or other application.


Clean tools and equipment immediately with water after use.


Consumption of SealTight is estimated at 5 /m2 per litre.  A preliminary test on-site will determine the exact consumption. Consumption depends on substrate conditions, porosity, and texture.

Important Cautions for SealTight 

  • SealTight is not a surface treatment but a concentrated saturant which will penetrate any porous surface. If the surface absorbs water it will absorb SealTight.
  • Is not to be applied to any surface with a previous coating of silicone, siloxane or solvent-based material.
  • Sealtight Is a Penetrating Clear Concrete Sealer Product for masonry, natural stone, and sandstone.

“If you see that the SealTight is not being absorbed. Then do not apply it!”

Select a small test area, if water/sealer does NOT penetrate the surface then DO NOT APPLY

If sealing grout lines, remove any overspray from surrounding areas immediately.

Any surface excess must be spread over areas NOT saturated or removed using a sponge or mop within 3 minutes.

Any spillage, overspray or excess surface application or application to NON-Porous material (glazed tiles etc.) Must be removed immediately.

To paint over a Sealtight treated area use only Drizoro Maxseal Flex, a good quality acrylic, oil-base, epoxy or urethane paint.
Do not use latex or rubber-based paint.


SEALTIGHT is supplied in 2 litres, 5 litres, 20 litres and 209 litre containers.


Twelve months in its original unopened containers, in a dry and covered place protected from frost, with temperatures ranging from 4 ºC. To 38 ºC


SEALTIGHT  a non-flammable and non-corrosive product but eye and skin contact must be avoided. Use gloves and safety goggles.
Should you have contact with the:-
  1. eye, wash the eyes thoroughly with clean water. DO NOT RUB.
  2. skin wash affected areas with water and soap.

If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

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10 year manufacturer


Product Review Testimonial

James Bradley

Carpentry and Building Services

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3 Malahide Road Pennant Hills 2120 NSW

Dear SWP ,

It was by chance that I happened to drop into your business to purchase the usual waterproofing product, that requires 2-3 coats with all the curing time, plus careful not to damage the membrane while tiling etc .

Your sales rep gave us some demonstrations, which made me decide to give your product a go!

SealTight clear concrete sealer  I found was very easy to use and seems to do what it claims, to waterproof cement Board and flooring, this one coat system I feel will be an asset in my work of waterproofing all wet areas. If you want a builder to endorse the product, you have my endorsement.

Congratulations on a top product.

James Bradley

Used for Concrete floors, walls, terrazzo and sandstone and most natural stone SealTight Clear is a Penetrating sealer clear concrete sealer. Also, you can use SealTight as a Natural stone clear sealer such as sandstone.

Creative Use of Sealtight Clear

How To Clean & Seal Sandstone Surfaces


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