Efflorescence Rid – Removes Efflorescence from concrete


Efflorescence-Rid:  A Unique Industrial Strength Salt & efflorescence remover specially designed to effectively remove efflorescence in industrial, commercial and residential. The formulation contains no solvents, but is corrosive, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, is biodegradable.
Observe Safety & Health PrecautionsProduct is Corrosive (Class 8).



Efflorescence Rid removes efflorescence from concrete

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Scientific Efflorescence Remover – A liquid applied cleaner that removes efflorescence from concrete and masonry surfaces, brick block, pavers etc.


Efflorescence Rid   is a Unique Scientific Developed Industrial Strength Salt, efflorescence remover specially designed so that it effectively removes efflorescence from concrete in industrial, commercial and residential situations.

The formulation contains no solvents, but is corrosive. Is non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, is biodegradable. Observe Safety & Health Precautions – Product is Corrosive (Class 8).
On application to the affected areas, Efflorescence Rid   penetrates the surface and liquefies the salts (efflorescence) and brings it to the surface of the substrate, where this is washed away, then after 20 minutes or longer Efflorescence Rid   is re applied to the same area.

Application Fields:

  • General removal of efflorescence from concrete.
  • Removes Efflorescence Salt from and new or old constructions affected by efflorescence, historical and public buildings.
  • Walls, floors suffering efflorescence Masonry, brick, block structures


  • Dissolves and removes efflorescence deposits from concrete, allowing removal
  • User friendly, it does not require special protection equipment. Protect surrounding areas, wet down plants and trees, cover metal and glass.
  • Environmental friendly (is considered a green product) non-flammable.

Surface Preparation:

Preparation of the surface: Remove excessive build-up of efflorescence Remove all loose material. If required use Power Clean to help removes efflorescence from concrete.


Apply by low pressure pump spray ensuring a uniform and homogeneous coverage.
Foam appears when efflorescence is present. Apply until “Foam” begins to appear.
Wait 5-8 minutes, mechanically agitate and  re-apply as required, use zero pressure washer to remove efflorescence.
Continue to apply Efflorescence-Rid to areas where foam appears and until foam no longer forms.
Rinse area thoroughly with water.
Continue to apply Efflorescence-Rid to areas where foam appears and until foam no longer forms. This process removes efflorescence  from concrete. Rinse area thoroughly with water.
Allow surface to dry for approximately two hours before the application of Sealtight to prevent further salt formation
Cleaning: Clean Tools and equipment immediately with water after use.
Packaging: Efflorescence Rid is supplied in 2 lit, 5lit, 20lit and 209lit containers.
Storage: 1 Year in original unopened containers, protected from frost, with in a dry and covered place with temperatures ranging from 5 ºC. To 38 ºC

Safety And Health:

Use gloves and safety goggles. In case of eye contact, thoroughly clean with clean water but do not Rub. Efflorescence Rid is a non-flammable but is a corrosive product, eye and skin contact must be avoided. In case of skin contact, Flush with a solution of water and baking soda.

Keep out of Reach of Children.

Health Hazards (Acute And Chronic):

Breathing: Mist can cause damage to nasal and respiratory passages.
Eyes: Causes Burning
Skin: Causes Burns
Swallowing: Resulting in Severe Damage to Mucous Membranes.
This Product is corrosive.

1. Eyes: Flush with clear water for 15 minutes.

2. Skin: Flush with a solution of water and baking soda.

3. Ingestion: Drink large volumes of clear water.

4. Inhalation: Move to fresh air. If breathing is difficult, administer oxygen.

For All Cases, Seek Medical Attention.

Definition Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts often seen on the surface of concrete, brick, stucco, or natural stone surfaces. It occurs when water is present on or inside the masonry surface. (water penetration of the masonry or concrete structure

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Weight10 kg

2 Litre Bottles, 5 Litre Jugs, 10 Litre, 20 Litre