Removal Efflorescence and salts from Masonry in preparation of Cementitious Waterproofing

efflorescence-slab-brick-block, Removal Efflorescence and salts from Masonry, How to remove efflorescence from brick

How to remove efflorescence from brick or masonry, is best completed during warm, dry weather. Excessive moisture exposure in colder weather periods may cause formation of additional salts on the surface of the brick or masonry. Clear water repellents, silicone and acrylic coatings also be used to help keep efflorescence at bay as well.

Waterproofing Using  Maxseal and Maxseal Flex to a masonry substrate


Removal of Efflorescence and salts from masonry is usually carried out by pressure wash then followed by 10% hydrochloric acid in water applied by brush or low pressure spray and then washed off by hose. The problem with this approach is that sometimes the acid treatment creates further efflorescence and salt formation on certain surfaces.
Often hydrostatic pressure or groundwater and when the presence salts & efflorescence can be preventing the adhesion of the Drizoro Maxseal.
MaxsealMaxseal Foundation can be used where this is not a problem

Method Prepare area to be treated by removing any surface efflorescence and loose materials. If required use –POWER CLEAN

1. Apply Efflorescence-Rid per instructions.

2. Apply SEALTIGHT to the dry to damp substrate.

3. Allow the SEALTIGHT to saturate.

4. Apply MAXSEAL FLEX to the wet surface as per Technical Bulletin.

Preparation of the surface:

Remove excessive build-up of efflorescence Remove all loose material.

Efflorescence-Rid Application Method:

APPLY using low-pressure spray ensuring a uniform and homogeneous coverage.

Foam appears when efflorescence is present. Apply until “FOAM” begins to appear.

Wait 5-8 minutes, mechanically agitate and re-apply as required, use zero pressure washer/rinse to remove efflorescence.

Continue to apply –Efflorescence-Rid to areas where foam appears and until foam no longer forms.

Rinse the area thoroughly with water.

APPLY –SEALTIGHT to prevent further salt formation




Efforescence_rid -removes Efforescence_from concrete-brick-masonry, Removal Efflorescence and salts from Masonry

A liquid applied cleaner to remove efflorescence from masonry surfaces, brick block, pavers



Removal Efflorescence and salts from Masonry, Sealtight clear concrete sealer,

SEALTIGHT- is not a surface coating, but a penetrating Clear Concrete Sealer, It permanently waterproofs, insulates, hardens and preserves concrete, plaster, mortar and most natural stone.

flexible waterproof coating, Removal Efflorescence and salts from Masonry

A flexible waterproof coating for concrete, masonry, blocks, pre-fab panels and brick. Used for swimming pools, decks, planter boxes and areas subject to movement.





how to remove efflorescence from brick
Allowing the surface of the brick to dry thoroughly and then using a stiff brush, prior to flushing with water, has helped prevent penetration of the brick surface by the salt. Various methods have been used in attempts to remove efflorescence from brick buildings. ET Clay Products Ltd :: Efflorescence on bricks: The cause, prevention ……removal




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