Preventing Water Ingress – Permanent Formwork Construction Systems

Products Required for Preventing water ingress in Dincel: –
Maxseal Flex | Maxmesh |  Maxjoint Elastic | MaxplugArma Blue

Floor/wall joint:

GUIDE TRACK on concrete floor:

Even surface:

Wet surface and apply Maxseal Flex at the rate of 1 Kg /m2 to the area covered by the Guide Track extending by 50 mm past the area covered by the Track on to floor. Place Guide Track and secure as specified.

Uneven surface:

Wet surface and apply Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic to external edges of area covered by Dincel Guide Track at a thickness of no less than 6 mm x minimum width of 20 mm. Place Dincel Guide Track and secure.
After placing wall sections and filling with concrete:
Wet wall floor area at base. Scuff Dincel to 100mm above floor level.
Apply Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic at the rate of 1 Kg/m2 thick to an area from 50mm above Dincel Guide Track joint to floor.

DIRECT POUR to Concrete Floor:

Wet floor and apply Maxseal Flex at the rate of 1 Kg /m2 to the area extending by 50mm past the area covered by the pour.
After curing of concrete, scuff Dincel (100 mm), wet wall floor area at base.

Apply Maxseal Flex at the rate of 1 Kg/m2 thick to an area from 100mm above floor/wall joint to 100 mm on the floor.
Total 200mm, place Maxmesh (200 mm x 50 metre roll)
Allow to cure overnight, wet area and apply second coat at rate of 1 Kg/m2 covering the mesh.

Water penetration at floor/wall joint. – use Maxplug to stop waterflow – proceed as wall/floor joint recommendation

Return Wall Guide Track :

Wet surface and apply Maxseal Flex at 1 mm thickness approx. to Dincel Guide Track, fasten to wall as normal.
Remove all excess using wet sponge. Total adhesion and waterproofing.

Vertical wall joints:

If required, seal all internal or external vertical joints if the structure is used for liquid containment or below ground retention. Ensure that the total floor area coated using, wet surface prior to coating, apply  Maxseal Flex  at the rate 1 Kg /m2 . Allow to cure overnight, wet the surface, then apply a second coat  Maxseal Flex  at the rate of 1 Kg /m2..


Specification Diagram goes here

Dincel Detail and Technical Specification to get detail on Diagram



To obtain superior adhesion, the areas to be coated, must be abraded (16 grit ripper disk, wire brush, coarse sandpaper) just to roughen the surface.

Total Yield per 35 Kg Kit
20 m2 at 2 coats finish
Bonding bridge: 38 m2 at 1 coat
Yield per kit: MESH application 
 70 lin/metre for 200mm mesh. 0.5 Kg/lin./metre  
280 lin/metre for 50 mm mesh  0.125 Kg/lin/metre


We recommend the application of Maxseal Flex at the rate of 1 Kg/m2 per coat (2 coats) to the concrete floor slab. Apply the Maxseal Flex immediately after placing the concrete (green) before installation of above.
Given the potential for movement due to changing pressures in line with water levels, within the vertical panels of the tank, we strongly recommend the application of Maxseal Flex and 50mm Maxmesh along all vertical joints.

Allow 14 days for full cure prior to filling with water.


If finishing is required a single coat of Maxseal Flex at the rate of 1 kg/m2 will provide a bonding bridge.
Anything that can be applied to a mortar surface can be applied to Maxseal Flex.




WINDOWS: Seal opening all round using Maxseal Flex (1.5 Kg/m2) as well as 50mm around external and internal wall area.
Immediately place capping. Apply Maxseal Flex over capping/wall joints and place 50mm Maxmesh,
Allow to cure overnight, apply second coat Maxseal Flex.


Cast In – Coat all surfaces of the puddle flange using Maxseal Flex including any pipe sections attached ready to be cast into the wall.
Extending minimum of 50mm past wall pipe interface.
This will allow sealing of external wall section to pipe using embedded mesh for below grade installation.
Wall flanges placed afterward, coat flange internal area and wall area using Maxseal Flex and push flange firmly to wall.


Centre pipe using spacers, core should not be less than 5mm or more than 20 mm larger than pipe.
Apply Maxseal Flex to internal surface minimum 50mm from edge and minimum 50 mm around core.
Create a rebate (foam backing rod) of not less than 5 mm for spaces up to 10 mm in width, any spaces over 10 mm should have a rebate of not less than half the width of the space.
Wet surface, fill using Maxjoint Elastic. Allow to cure (min. 3 days) overcoat using Maxseal Flex, extend to minimum of 50 mm on wall and pipe.
Void around pipe can be filled using Maxgrout or expanding foam prior to installing Maxjoint Elastic.
If additional wall flanges are used, coat flange internal area and wall area using Maxseal Flex and push flange firmly to wall.


Apply Maxseal Flex (1.5kg/m2, ensure continuous coverage) to underside of W/S as well as wall surface, screwfix W/S to lower panel.
Prior to placing upper panel apply Maxseal Flex (1 Kg/m2, ensure continuous coverage) to upper side of W/S as well as across and up the slab rebate as well as both sides of the upper panel surface.
Place upper panel, seal floor/wall junction, as per wall/floor joint recommendation.


If the wall system needs to be protected prior to backfill, we recommend the use of ARMA BLUE PROTECT ALL or adhesive protection.
See brochure attached.

waterproof Dincel construction system, Preventing Water Ingress – Permanent Formwork Construction Systems

Picture via Dincel

N.B: As each application has different requirements. Individual job specification is available to preventing water ingress for the Waterproofing DINCEL Construction System where leaking at the Floor/wall joints. Penetrations through any floor, wall, suspended slab will require repairs. The Dincel construction system is no exception. For any purpose such as fixing. Drizoro products offers a No of products such as Maxseal Flex to help ensure the integrity of the Dincel Construction System is properly waterproof.

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