Specification for Repairing Concrete & Masonry Block Water Tanks  Leaking Water

Rigid Water Tanks Sealed Internally

Internal Waterproofing Method | External Waterproofing Method

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Method for Internal of a Concrete Tanks Leaking Water

Warning:-You are entering a confined space for your safety before entering a water tank open all external drains and ventilate the tank to ensure the air is breathable!!
Carbon Dioxide displaces Oxygen.

Oxygen required for life function is needed to continue breathing!

Note:- Tank should be structurally sound and leaking cracks not flexing.

1. Remove any loose material from the substrate. Pressure clean to remove any organic growth from the surface.

2. Any cracks or voids (wider than 1mm) should be ground or chiselled open, at recommended 20-25 mm wide and 20 mm deep with dovetail or square shoulders (see diagram below) and repaired with MAXREST. It is strongly recommended that if the crack is also apparent on the outside of the water tank it be repaired as per Method Repair for External Cracks

Reinforced Concrete Tanks Leaking Water, Method for sealing Internal areas of concrete tanks leaking - rigid Water Tanks, Specification for Repairing Concrete & Masonry Block Water Tanks  Leaking Water

NOTE:- On old tanks reduction of structural of the strength of the tank is often the reason for the crack formation and to AVOID the crack reforming, in this instance, it would be strongly recommended that area surrounding the crack be built up using MAXREST restore some structural integrity and to create extra support (like a pillar) and spread the pressure created by the water, across a greater area, when full.

3. Floor-wall joints make a coving using MAXREST.

4. Apply the first coat of DRIZORO MAXSEAL FOUNDATION  or MAXSEAL FLEX  to the entire internal area and leave to cure overnight. (recommended 14 hours minimum between coats)

5.  Apply the second coat of DRIZORO MAXSEAL FOUNDATION  or MAXSEAL FLEX.  High humidity will affect the curing of Drizoro products, it is recommended that the tank be well ventilated or longer curing times will result.

6. Tank surface requires approximately 2.5 Kg of product per square meter. If this ratio has not been achieved a third coat may be required.( 1.25 mm per coat)

7. After the final coat has been applied leave for a minimum of 7 days when using MAXSEAL FOUNDATION or a minimum of 14 days with MAXSEAL FLEX before filling the tank with water

Commonly Used Products In Tank Repairs

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