Waterproofing HEBEL / AAC – Autoclaved aerated concrete

Drizoro Method


1. Remove all render, paint or other material from the substrate.( If surface has been previously painted remove all delaminating material and apply MAXSEAL FLEX as per TECHNICAL BULLETIN Nº.:29.06 

2. All joints must be sealed with MAXSEAL FLEX with the incorporation of MAXMESH in the first coat.


3. Surface area to be coated must be primed first with a coat of MAXSEAL FOUNDATION this will seal the surface in preparation for finish coats. Surface must be wet before applying prime coat (AAC is highly porous, therefore saturation with water is highly recommended). MAXSEAL FOUNDATION to be applied as per TECHNICAL BULLETIN Nº.: 08.00


4. For the sealing of walls, it is recommended that MAXQUICK ROLL is applied to the surface in a single coat application as per TECHNICAL BULLETIN Nº 88.01. MAXQUICK ROLL is not to be used in the situation of water containment.


How I showed that Drizoro Maxseal will not Delaminate from the Hebel Blocks.
The first experience I had with Hebel was when their representative on the Gold Coast said that Drizoro products would need an engineers report to prove that it was able to bind to the Hebel block since he didn’t believe that it  would bind to Hebel like it did to a normal masonry block.

The test was simple – take an ordinary Hebel block cut it in half then mix Drizoro Maxseal Foundation (could have been Maxseal White or Gray & still have the same result) according to application details.
Place the Drizoro Maxseal Foundation between the 2 halves of the Hebel block & place another block on top & leave 24 hours to cure.
Then cut the joined Hebel block into 2 cm square pieces and test to see where the fracture occurred when breaking apart the joined Hebel
Result: – After just 24 hours of curing the samples when broken apart were about 50% through the Maxseal  & 50% through the Hebel block itself
– From 48 hours of the Maxseal cure the break in the seal was always 100% delamination of the Hebel Block
Conclusion: – Hebel block will delaminate from itself before the Drizoro Maxseal Delaminates from the Hebel and as such is suitable as a waterproofing membrane.














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