drizoro-watmat-quick-setting-mortar-leveling-roads-trafficableSealing Sewer Access Chambers – Manholes

Sealing Sewer Access Chambers or manholes can often become necessary and are caused by many factors, poor construction, faulty concrete, produced without proper dewatering of site during construction or removal of dewatering pumps too early and of course age and exposure to aggressive conditions.

EXTERNAL Waterproofing Access Manholes:

  1. Preparation –  clean external walls, fats, greases, remove all paint, render and efflorescence, and dampen. Surface must be damp but the water should not running off the surface.
    Drizoro products come as premixed powders, add the prescribed amount of water (follow, READ, instructions on bag, watch how to video links, contact us) and apply using stiff brush or MaxBrush, long handled broom/brush
  2. Fill voids, holes and all suspect areas using MAXREST or MAXPLUG if sewer riser is leaking.
  3. Wet thoroughly apply MAXSEAL FOUNDATION  or MAXSEAL FLEX in 2 coats @ 1Kg/coat/m2. Wet the surface before applying the second coat.

INTERNAL Waterproofing Access Manholes:

  1. Remove all render, paint fats, greases,or other material from the masonry substrate.
  2. Where dry fill voids and holes with MAXREST, fill leaking areas using MAXPLUG for all major water flow.
  3. Wet dampen area and apply MAXSEAL FOUNDATION or MAXSEAL FLEX where there is residue of other materials.
  4. Allow to first coat to cure overnight, and seal any remaining water ingress using MAXPLUG .
  5. Dampen before applying the second coat of MAXSEAL.
  6. Always apply MAXSEAL or MAXSEAL FLEX in 2 coats @ 1Kg/coat/m2 wet between coats.
  7. If sewer is active positive air flow to stop condensation on treated areasNote: For areas below water table additional coats may be required.
  1. Fill all suspect areas using Maxrest
  2. Wet thoroughly apply MAXSEAL FOUNDATION or MAXSEAL FLEX in 2 coats @ 1Kg/coat/m2 wet between coats

NEW WORK prior to vacuum testing:

EXTERNAL – INTERNAL Waterproofing Sewer Access Chambers:

Same methods as described above

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Sealing in gatic covers

Watch the video

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