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Internal waterproofing basements


Negative Water Pressure Waterproof Method. Known as internal waterproofing membrane a term given to an coating applied on the inside face of a building structure eg. basement wall to prevent water penetrating the inside space from the outside  of the building structure.

How Internal Waterproofing Membranes Work!

Internal waterproofing membranes using Drizoro cementitious internal waterproofing products which must be applied to the wet concrete surfaces of internal walls, floors, or ceilings of a concrete building structure. The cementitious Drizoro migrates by following the water into the cementitious structure by osmosis and capillary action completely blocking the capillaries.

This called a crystalline process and it locks cementitious Drizoro into the original concrete surface. The cementitious Drizoro membrane connects and interlocks with the existing concrete’s crystalline structure that it is applied to.

Locking the new Drizoro cementitious coating into the original concrete structure. The crystalline bonds are permanent. Only destroyed by very high pressures.
Water is no longer flowing through your wall allowing an almost catalytic action to occur which causes insoluble crystals to grow in the concrete wall.

These insoluble crystals continue to generate in the wall without the further addition of any other materials into the cracks. (similar to stalagmites & stalactites) This process of insoluble crystalline development continues in the presence of existing concrete and water. So every time water is present in the concrete wall this process continues, progressively drying out your walls, floors. Until eventually the crystalline growth is through the wall and may fill the crack entirely.

How does the protection of the reinforcement work?

Drizoro cementitious waterproof products protects the reo in two ways.

a) Excluding or reducing exposure of reo to water and air stops or slows any reactivity with steel & concrete substrate

b) Drizoro cementitious products are, of course, highly alkaline chemically.  The high alkalinity helps to protect the reo by restoring the natural alkalinity of the concrete substrate. Reduction of the acidity in the concrete structure prevents further corrosion in the reo.

Positive Water Pressure
Positive Water Pressure, Internal Waterproofing membranes basements,

Positive application – the term given to an applied face coating of a structure to contain direct water pressure or a normal or traditional waterproofing and protects the building structure from the waterside.

eg basement retaining walls






Drizoro Maxseal Flex Internal Waterproofing membrane where hydrostatic pressure is present.

Video below on internal waterproofing membrane

Negative Water Pressure , Internal Waterproofing membranes , internal waterproofing products


Note. “Internal waterproofing membranes” is a term used in relation to waterproofing applications and materials for bathrooms, kitchens
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Crack repair is essential for complete Internal Waterproofing with hydrostatic pressure

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