Products to Stop Water Leaks in Concrete Walls

Products to Stop Water Leaks in Concrete Walls

When you find a water leak in your concrete wall. Carry out this type of repair as quickly as possible. Moisture leaking into basements or other water concrete retaining structures does cause extensive damage. Not only can water threaten the integrity of the wall & foundations but also the environment where mould spores can grow in the porous concrete surface. The presence of mould can break down the concrete. The products to stop water leaks in concrete walls are varied. Different techniques are used to help seal leaks in concrete.
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Repair concrete cracks with foams, quick-setting mortars or epoxies.

1. Polyurethane Foams

Polyurethane foams can seal concrete leaks. The crack must be large enough to be filled with foam. Polyurethane foam interacts with the water and hardens filling the crack. These foams offer waterproof protection from further leaking problems. Foam products can be quite complex but relatively easy to use.
The problem is whether or not the applicator can successfully fill the void and any cracks completely. Can be a little bit hit and miss.

2. Quick Setting Patching Mortars

Quick setting patching mortars are cement-based materials. They are used to repair cracks or different flaws in the concrete walls. These repair mortars are ideal. Trowel off repairs to create a smooth surface. Making the repair less obvious. Manufacturers of repair mortars design them to be at the very least non-shrink or slightly expansive to help them to bond to the concrete.

These mortars don’t crack.

Hydraulically Expanding Mortars
Drizoro Maxplug is used when the crack in the concrete is still leaking.

The mortar chosen will be dependent on whether the crack is still leaking at the time of the repair.

Repair non-leaking sections of any cracks before leaking ones.

Non-Shrink Concrete Repair Mortars Products to stop water leaks in concrete walls
Are used where the concrete crack is not leaking at the time of the repair.
Drizoro Maxrest  |  Drizoro Maxrite 700

3. Waterproofing Sealants and Coatings

Where the cracks in the concrete wall are very small, use a waterproof sealant or a brush-on material that you can easily apply to the wall like paint. Where the concrete crack is expanding or moving, the waterproof coating can also be split open.
If the cracks are moving you will need to seal them with Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic as it will take up movement and will prevent further leaking.

Concrete cracks usually have hair cracks that branch off to parts unknown. So sealing just the main crack may not be sufficient to stop all the leaking.  Recommended that you extend waterproofing sealant coating at least 100 to 150 mm on each side of the crack. To stop the repair from looking like a repair you can cover the whole wall and make it look like a normal finish.
These cementitious waterproofing materials will cover and add protection to crack repairs already carried out.

Drizoro Maxseal Family – Waterproof Cementitious Membranes that all withstand Hydrostatic Pressure

4. Epoxies and Glues

There are different epoxies created to help bond separate layers of concrete together. And help fix leaking cracks problems. Epoxies are generally starting 2 separate components. When mixed, form a fluid or paste. Usually, the surface has to be dry for the glue epoxies to work. The epoxy may need a primer coat to obtain strong bonding to the concrete.
Epoxies also have different properties to concrete and this can cause a problem at a later date.

5. Clear Concrete Sealers


Clear concrete sealers are products to stop water leaks in concrete walls or block walls. Once absorbed into the concrete they fill the pores and blocks moisture from coming through the concrete matrix.  Encapsulates the natural alkali inherent in concrete which attacks surface coatings. Reduces efflorescence and vapour emission from rising to the surface and resists moisture penetration. This type of sealant helps surface paints and coatings to last longer.

Sealtight – seals concrete and stoneUltra Masonry Block Sealer


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