How to Repair Concrete Cracks

How to Repair Concrete Cracks

How to repair concrete cracks which form for many reasons, on this page I just wanted to let you now some of the basics on how to repair concrete cracks in concrete and masonry so you can do it yourself. These cracks may not necessarily just occur on floors but this technique can also be used for wall, or suspended slabs

1. Prepare Cracks

How to Repair Concrete Cracks chisel useThe first thing you need to do is to remove all the rubbish from the area so you have a clear area to work in. This will allow you to see the full extent of concrete cracks. Then select the cold chisel required to open up the crack.Now chisel the crack using the chisel and hammer to remove of any loose pieces in the crack. The chisel is held at an angle while hammering out the crack. What we are trying to do is make the hole at the base or inside of the crack larger than the width at the surface (sit a cork upside down to visualize this). est to under cut the edge as described next best is to square cut but just a V-cut is not recommended. This helps lock in the new cementitious or patching material bond with widened crack you have created.


2. Clean the Floor

Sweep off the concrete debris created by chiselling. Make sure there’s no oil stains. If there is, use a cleaner that cuts grease (Bluee-Powerclean). Removal or grease and grime helps the cementitious material bond to the cement. Then wash off the Bluee-Powerclean (you can use a wet and dry vacuum if you have one) with a hose. Now your ready for the next step.

Allow the repair to cure overnight or at least the duration recommended by the manufacturer. There should be no need for any additional repair materials

5. How to Seal the Repair and Concrete

After repairing the concrete, it’s can be a good idea to seal it. Concrete and render finishes tend to be porous and easily absorb oils grease etc. Staining the surface, by sealing it will prevent staining. There are more than a few products available for concrete sealing. You can use SealTuff Trafficable MultiSurface or Sealtight Clear which is clear leaving you with concrete appearance.

So now you know How to Repair Concrete Cracks whether you do it your self or bring a professional contractor also read the article

How to Repair Concrete Cracks

Repairing cracks in concrete is an easy project any DIYer can do. Not only does it make the concrete look better but it extends the life of the concrete by keeping out the elements..

Keeping water from penetrating easily through concrete cracks will increase service life and seriously reduce maintenance costs of concrete slabs and walls