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Why Use Drizoro Products?

What is it that is different about the diagram ???

The number of products required to solve a multitude of “BUILDING PROBLEMS” is less and that is why use Drizoro products.

“Many Other” suppliers recommend products for

  1. internal or external use,
  2. below or above ground, for
  3. negative or positive pressure only or,
  4. many requiring the use of a primer or,
  5. a finish coating for protection due to the “technical performance limitations” to their various products.

DRIZORO has developed their Product Range to cut across most other products and perform as a Technically Superior “multifunction single product” solution to most Building Problems. This why you will find the use of Drizoro products simpler.

Drizoro Maxseal Flex:- is a “Technically Superior multifunction product” that can be applied to “MOST” surfaces. Suitable for internal and external use, below and above ground for negative and positive pressure and, “NOT” needing a primer, finish coating for protection.

Concrete Slabs, below and above ground: Roof, gutters, balconies, under tiles or exposed, can be applied to “green” concrete, will slow down curing, reducing shrinkage cracking, excellent crack bridging up to 3mm and capable of thermal movement up to 4mm. On internal concrete under tile, carpet, timber/parquetry, to reduce moisture damage.

Sealing water ingress to up to 40 metres of negative, 90 metres positive head pressure.

Water Containment:

Swimming Pools (salt and chlorine), ballast tanks, water tanks, reservoirs, water features, water and sewer treatment, water and sewer infrastructure. AS/NZ4020 approved.

Infrastructure Construction:

Such as culverts, bridges, abutments, protection against aggressive water/soil – acid and/or alkali. Total resistance to Carbon attack.

Permanent Formwork: Dincel, Redi wall (CSR approved), AFS, SIP Panels, also Lightweight aerated, Polystyrene construction materials- Hebel, Ytong, Poly walling- as well as any other Brick or Block: Will adhere to metal surfaces-can be used as waterproofing application but also as a “bonding bridge” to apply any other surface treatment normally applied to mortar surfaces. i.e. render, texture, paint.

GENERAL APPLICATIONS- Total negative/positive waterproofing of: Below and above ground retaining walls, garden bed, planter box construction.

More Easy and Simple to Use Drizoro Products

Drizoro Maxseal Foundation: can be used as a “more cost effective” alternative in “GENERAL APPLICATIONS”.

Drizoro Maxplug:- Stops water instantly

Drizoro Maxrest:- a non-shrink quick setting mortar for concrete restoration without using formwork
Drizoro Maxrest Passive:- a liquid coating with corrosion inhibitor for protecting reo
Drizoro Maxrite 700:- a non-shrink quick setting mortar for concrete restoration contains

  1. fibres for greater flexibility,
  2. corrosion inhibitor to protect your steel, and
  3. is waterproof

Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic:- for moving joints and cracks. Trowel or gun application


Looking at pricing, most products do NOT appear to have much of a “Sticker Shock” however when looking at the technical performance and application rates there appears to be a serious “Sticker Sting” in the tail, in comparison to square meter application rates and “COST” of material per square metre.

It is told, that Drizoro Products are an “easy sell” as they are multifunctional and cost effective, there is “NO” confusion as to what to use and where.

Most of your clients in the construction industry would welcome your input as to the availability of a single, time proven, “Technically “superior, cost effective solution to their “multiple” waterproofing problems.


If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to call. 0466 797900


Why Use Drizoro Products for your next project. That’s because Drizoro provides a technically superior “multifunction single product” solution to most Building Problems.

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