7 Reasons Why SEALTIGHT Best Clear Sealer –

7 reasons why SEALTIGHT is different to other Clear Sealers?

SEALTIGHT best clear sealer because it is made to an environmentally safe Scientific Formula using proprietary ingredients. Once absorbed into the concrete it fills the pores and blocks moisture from coming through the matrix.

Most other clear sealers are either silicones or derivatives such as silanes or siloxanes which are only surface sealants. Therefore are subject to wearing and weathering and cannot be coated or painted afterward. Sealants that contain silicates or siliconates tend to migrate out of the concrete or masonry substrate. The remaining clear sealers contain hydrocarbons which are solvent based surface sealers that are toxic and contain high levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds).

7 Reasons Why SEALTIGHT Best Clear Sealer

  1. SealTight is very different from other sealants because of its deep penetrating ability (2-4″) as well as the fact that it is non-flammable, non-toxic and extremely low in VOC’s.
  2. it is a not a surface sealer so it will not wear or weather away over time, instead it becomes part of the concrete chemical matrix and actually increases its strength, therefore, protecting it from future spalling (flaking or deterioration of the concrete) by preventing moisture penetration.
  3. dries clear with no sheen and will not discolour the surface in any way.
  4. will provide a good chemical bond to any quality acrylic paint, urethane or epoxy coatings. Apply Maxseal Flex if an additional surface coating is needed in order to change the colour or provide a sheen.
  5. also helps surface paints last longer as it encapsulates the natural alkali inherent in concrete which attacks surface coatings. Reduces efflorescence and vapour emission from rising to the surface and resists moisture penetration.
  6. can be used as an ideal salt / efflorescence  block when applying MAXSEAL-FLEX.
  7. compatible with Drizoro repair cements and decorative coatings

In conclusion this what makes the  “SEALTIGHT Different Clear Sealer” the best clear concrete sealer there is in the market.

Why SEALTIGHT Best Clear Sealer, sealtight-clear-sealant-waterproof-brick-masonry

Seals brick, block, masonry natural stone

showers sealtight-clear-concrete-sealer-mortar-tile-sealers

Sealant for porous tiles and intact mortar lines in showers and wet areas

sealtight-clear-sealant-waterproof-slab-tile-masonry-mortar lines

Seals porous tiles and intact mortar lines of balconcies


Strengthens and Seals porous slabs


Why SEALTIGHT Best Clear Sealer

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