How to Repair Concrete Swimming Pools

Waterproofing/Resurfacing/Decorative Surfaces

Repair Waterproof Swimming Pools is necessary as the life of Marblesheen, pebblecrete and other decorative surfaces in concrete pools are subject to extreme variations. Caused in part by the finished surface quality due to raw material variations, application techniques, marblesheen additives and surface deterioration.  This surface deterioration coming from poor pool maintenance, high wear and tear, groundwater penetration behind the finish.

Leaking swimming pools repair

Concrete leaking swimming pools repair can be difficult as first, you must determine the whereabouts of the leaks.
Then decide if it’s necessary to do a full refurbishment of the pool. Inspect the surface carefully for soundness. If any of the surface is crumbly, soft, or drummy in any area, the suspect area must be removed and then repaired using a structural repair cement – MAXREST.

Drizoro Products required to refurbish swimming pools

CAUTION:- The following preparation details MUST be adhered to for the successful adhesion of Maxseal Flex.

Advantages of using Drizoro Maxseal cementitious membranes to repair waterproof swimming pools.

Application of Drizoro Maxseal to the pool shell to prevents groundwater from entering behind the decorative finish. Water penetrating behind a pool finish will be reducing its life span. At the same time, the membrane prevents the pool water from degrading the concrete shell.

How to Repair Concrete Swimming Pools, refurbish repair waterproof swimming pools

Repair Method:

  1. Prepare the surface, to be coated, by removing any loose materials. Ensure a clean and sound surface before proceeding.
  2. Apply Maxrest Passive to exposed steel to protect against corrosion.
  3. Any damage to the surface should be repaired using MAXPLUG or MAXREST.
  4. Using a “RIPPER” disk with a 24 grit minimum abrade the total surface to create a porous base.

Use commercial Hydrochloric or Muriatic Acid to etch the surface thoroughly, a small area at a time.
Immediately scrub the entire surface with a NYLON broom. As soon as the bubbling reaction stops (approximately 5-15 minutes), flush the entire area with fresh water.


After the surface has been etched correctly, the surface needs to be neutralised with a solution of Bicarbonate and water (1Kg Bicarbonate 10 litres warm water) flush with clean water.

It is important to concentrate on a small, workable, section at a time. This will ensure that no bicarbonate of soda is left deposited onto the surface.

  1. Thoroughly wet the entire surface before applying the first coat of MAXSEAL FLEX. MAXSEAL FLEX is a flexible cement-based waterproof coating that will not only prevent moisture from escaping the pool but will also prevent groundwater from entering the pool.
  2. Leave overnight between coats.
  3. Dampen surface before applying the second coat.
  4. When rendering over MAXSEAL FLEX a slurry coat of neat Bondcrete mixed with cement should be “flick” applied to the surface to assist with adhesion.
  5. Leave for 4-5 days to cure before finishing surface. Note – DRIZORO products are suitable for use with many popular pool-finishing products including tiles, pebblecretes and decorative renders.

Please contact our office if you require further information.



OLD CEMENT                                                    – 1 PART ACID-    3PARTS WATER

MARBLE SHEEN (Sound & Hard)                           –  CONCENTRATED ACID – NIL WATER

MARBLE SHEEN (Sound & Soft)                             – ONE PART ACID    ONE PART WATER



MAXSEALFLEX requires a minimum of 14 days prior to filling the pool




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Note – This information is based on information from the manufacturer and from our own experience. The information contained in this specification should be used in conjunction with the appropriate technical data bulletins and material safety data sheets available from our office or website.

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