SEALTUFF-Cementitious Trafficable Waterproof Membrane – Multiple Surfaces

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A 2 part, flexible waterproof “TRAFFICABLE” coating that provides protection and waterproofing to concrete, brick, masonry, metal as a two-coat system.

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Benefits of SealTuff of Trafficable Waterproof Membranes

vehicle trafficable waterproof membrane, sealtuff-cementitious-Trafficable Waterproof Membranes, multiple-surface trafficable waterproof membraneSEALTUFF – Cementitious Trafficable Waterproof Membrane – COATING FOR LIFE

 Technical | Specification

Commercial Areas and Surfaces Suitable

SEALTUFF cementitious multi-surface is suitable for carrying traffic waterproof membrane solution designed for multiple surfaces with additional benefits provides an excellent alternative for long-term protection on multiple various surfaces.

Suitable for use for a vehicle trafficable waterproof membrane coating solutions for the Buildings, Containers, and the Marine Industry. Sealtuff can be applied surfaces, both indoor and outdoor, on roofs, walls, floors, drive-ways and walkways, heavy traffic areas such as parking areas outdoor and underground.

SEALTUFF  cementitious trafficable waterproof membrane system is designed to be used on concrete, FRC, cement blocks, metal, steel, wood, expanded and extruded polystyrene and many other surfaces. SealTuff coatings can be applied over rusty but cleaned off metal surfaces as well. No costly sand blasting required.

Product Description:

SEALTUFF Cementitious Membrane consists of a blend of cement and polymers. A coating with exceptional adhesive properties that is very simple to use, cost-effective and protecting your surfaces.

This trafficable waterproof membrane, a cement/polymer coating, guarantees superior long-term protection for your buildings or any other structure and additional benefits(see below).

This newly formulated product eliminates the need for complex, time-consuming applications and costly maintenance.

Advantages & Benefits of SealTuff Trafficable Waterproofed Membranes:

SEALTUFF will speed up your workflow, reduce cost and time by drying in just 30 minutes, ready for the next coat or work step.
This durable concrete/polymer based waterproof membrane has many practical applications and properties:

  1. Easy to apply
  2. Cost effective
  3. Up to 25 years life expectancy (depending on application area and usage)
  4. 100% Waterproof
  5. seals roofs, walls, ceilings, pools, ship decks, container
  6. Water Vapor Transmission
  7. Excellent resistance to Hydrostatic Pressure
  8. > 500 KP or >50 m water column.
  9. Anti-slip, marinas, public walkways, parking areas, pool areas, restaurants & bars, hospitals
  10. Reflects Heat/Cold, reduces energy consumption for heating/cooling
  11. Contains fine crushed quartz fill not sand.

Technical Description SealTuff:

 Cementitious trafficable waterproof membrane is a specially blended cement/polymer based waterproof and low VOC membrane, designed to be applied over wood, stone, concrete, clay roofing tiles, steel, metal and other surfaces.
Protective coating is ecological, economical anti slip, reflects heat, wind and hail proof, U.V. resistant, resists mold and can be colored differently.
Storage: in dry conditions, do not allow to freeze.

SealTuff Surface Preparation:

 Ensure that the surface is clean, rinse and dry prior to application of SealTuff.
The surface must be free of debris, dust, dirt, grease, damaged paint and other contaminants prior to application of this cementitious trafficable membrane.
Where required, utilize a pressure washer to ensure a clean the surface.
SEALTUFF can be applied directly over rust. Remove ALL loose rust prior to applying SEALTUFF. This is achieved by pressure washing and or mechanically by machines such as a grinder or needle gun.

Mixing Steps:

  1.  Remove liquid (part B) from the mixing pail.
  2.  Pour liquid (part B) 9.5 litre into mixing pail.
  3.  Gradually add powder ((part A) 22.7 kg bag) while blending until desired consistency is achieved.
  4.  Mix materials with a drill thoroughly for 3-5 minutes.
  5.  Pot Life: 30 – 40 minutes

Note: that this standard kit (22,7 kg and 9.5 L Latex) is proportioned for mechanical applications (texture sprayer).
When applying manually by roller or brush please use approx. 90% (approx. 21 kg) of part A (dry powders) for best results.
Unused portion of part A powder can be used by adding additional latex or can be stored for future use.
Latex (part B) can be purchased separately


Can be applied by either

  1. Mechanical application with an appropriate texture sprayer such as a Graco GTX2000 model.
  2. Manually with a e.g. roller, brush, broom.

For optimum performance, SEALTUFF should be applied between 1.6 mm and 3.2 mm (1/1 – 1/ ).

Coverage: 40m2 per KIT, 2 coats.
LINE MARKING Coverage: 50m2 per KIT, 2 coats.            GREY or WHITE


This product should be applied between 10°C and 30°C.


Once dry, the SealTuff membranes can be sealed with (colored/clear) cement protective sealer, if needed.

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SealTuff Cementitious Multi-Surface Coating provides

  •  fully trafficable waterproofed membrane
  • suitable vehicle trafficable waterproof membrane
  • or vehicle trafficable waterproofed coating
  • see the Benefits of SealTuff Trafficable Waterproof Membranes above




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16.1 Kg HandyPack, 32.2 Kg Kit


Grey, White


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