CEMENTITIOUS DRIZORO PRODUCTS for Waterproofing, Restoration, Repair, Decoration. 


  • Maxseal applied to waterproof inside of retaining wall and all intermediate walls in a block of townhouses in Mosman – East Coast Waterproofing.
  • Drizoro Maxseal Flex used to waterproof the inside of a bedroom and bathroom to seal against water penetration due to soil back fill in Pulpits Point – East Coast Waterproofing.
  • Maxyseal & Drizoro Maxseal Flex used to waterproof retaining walls & general maintenance in Westfield Parramatta, Hornsby – Kwik Seal.
  • Maxseal & Drizoro Maxseal Flex used to seal retaining walls at the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Terrigal & Holiday Inn Kings Cross – Kwik Seal.
  • Maxiseal & Drizoro Maxseal Flex used for all waterproofing for Infinity constructions Hurstville Grove job – Smithy’s waterproofing.
  • All Products used in 5 major constructions for Grand Constructions at Norwest Park – Smithy’s waterproofing.
  • Maxseal used in Shell Harbour Square to waterproof retaining walls – Smithy’s waterproofing.

Tanks:repaired leaking-concrete-water-tank, concrete water tank repairs

  • Maxseal used to waterproof and seal inside a retention tank in Glebe – East Coast Waterproofing.
  • Drizoro Maxseal & Maxseal Flex used to waterproof 100 year old underground water tank in Lisrow – Kwik Seal.
  • Maxseal & Drizoro Maxseal Flex used to waterproof Road Bridge retention tanks in Quakers Hill – Smithy’s waterproofing.
  • Maxiseal & Drizoro Maxseal Flex used to waterproof water retention tanks in Alice Mews – Smithy’s waterproofing.


  • Drizoro Maxseal used to seal a lime brick cellar in an 80 year old federation home in Turramurra – Kwik Seal.
  • Maxseal & Maxseal Flex used to waterproof over 2000 square meters of sub terrainian car park walls for the Nelson Bay Strata – Kwik Seal.

Lift Shafts:seal-lift-pit-well-after, internal waterproofing of leaking lift pit

Planter Boxes:

  • Drizoro Maxseal Flex used to seal & waterproof planter boxes in Mosman – East Coast Waterproofing.

General Waterproofing:

Swimming Pools:How to Repair Concrete Swimming Pools, drizoro maxseal flex and maxjoint elastic

  • Maxseal used as waterproofing on indoor swimming pool & surrounds in Kensington – East Coast Waterproofing.

Roofs & Balcony:


 Concrete Repairs:

  • General concrete repairs done to HMAS Watson for the Royal Australian Navy – Smithy’s waterproofing.
    concrete restoration, drizoro maxrest concrete spalling repairs, quick setting, non-shrink, non-slump mortar, used restoring concrete and masonry to its original form. Used for repairing areas affected by concrete cancer and spalling

    Drizoro Maxrest – Used for repairing areas affected by concrete cancer and spalling


4 Risers on Main Sewer outfall, complete seal using Maxrest and Maxseal. 18 Risers generally

in Reveal and Seal Project as a test under production conditions to establish a cost basis to seal

an additional 3000 over the next two years. Products used for the restoration of the sewer system

throughout the Blue Mountains Area.

Sealing of water entry in Sewer Tunnel from Springwood, severe entry of 100 lit/min.

completely sealed using Drizoro Maxplug. Restoration of severely damaged sewer risers using Maxrest,

Maxseal, Blue Mountains area.

Drizoro Job List, Maxpatch Repair Mortar for restoration of industrial concrete Flooring

Maxpatch Repair Mortar for restoration of industrial concrete Flooring

  •   Sealing off of brick overhead Sewer Viaduct using external application of Maxrest & Maxseal.
  •   Plugging of wet Well Risers to prevent sewer from flooding Dry Well using Drizoro Maxplug.
  •   Resetting  Manholes in heavy traffic areas, preventing entry of water in tidal areas using Drizoro Watmat.
  •   Waterproofing of Historical Brick Valve Water Tower using Maxrest and Maxseal.
  •   Sealing of leaks into Pumping Stations.  Outside concrete restoration on Area Offices.
  •   Canberra Electricity and Water, sealing sewer access chambers in low wet areas.
  •   Repair to Drinking Water Pressure tunnel from Prospect to City.
  •   Drizoro Maxrest, Maxseal, Maxplug used during construction of  Sewer facilities at Rouse Hill.
  •   Maxrest, Maxseal, Drizoro Maxplug used during construction of Prospect Water Bypass SEALING OF 800,000 SHEARBOLT HOLES.

C.L.M Excavations, D & M Hughes Civil Engineering, Robsent,  for restoration and sealing of sewer infrastructure, setting of manholes and new construction.

Australian Construction Services:

Sealing of Bundwalls around Fuel tanks.

Drizoro Job List, Drizoro Watmat self levelling mortat for manholes gatic covers OWSRepairs to sewerage treatment works and acid tanks.

Richmond Airbase, Newington Ordinance Storage – internal sealing of leaks into underground storage bunkers. Royal Navy Missile Maintenance Establishment – Orchard Hills refurbish/repair 17 buildings within RANMME

Army: Products used by The School of Military Engineering, Building and Services Section, to train, also used to seal external walls of the Military Museum at Morebank.

NavyRepairing and sealing of 250 and 400 ton FERRO-CONCRETE barges using Maxrest and Maxseal.  This repair carried out on inside to prevent sinking and from outside as preventative maintenance, to waterproof repairs and eliminate salt water ingress. Waterproofing Asset 1, 6 storey building at HMAS Kuttabul. Maxrest and Maxseal on internal walls to prevent water penetration.

Woomera Space Centre:  Dept of Defence Sealing of Sewer risers, repairs to Curbing and Concrete surfaces using Drizoro Watmat, Drizoro Maxpatch.  Setting of starter bars in concrete repairs using Maxgrip.

Federal Airport Commission:

Barkley-Mowlem Sealing of joints in main runways to prevent ground water rising using Drizoro Maxplug prior to placing flexible sealers.

Electricity Commission:

Sealing of Bundwalls around fuel tanks and transformers at:  Munmorah, Liddell, Orange, Grafton, Dapto.


Material has been on test for 12 months.  Has been used to seal cable entry penetrations to Exchanges to prevent water and gas entry.  Also to set bricks, tiles and other to cable box lids in traffic areas. Seal Cable boxes against ground water entry – Mascot Airport.

Public Works:

Sealing newly constructed Lift wells with severe water entry problems in  Public Schools.

Toronga Zoo- sealing of  Seal and Hippo pool – Maxseal as final waterproofing-Mutual Pools.

Repairing and sealing of seawalls using Concreseal Plastering and Maxseal.

State Rail Authorities:

Various Areas – spalling and general repairs.  Repair to Concrete Sleepers using Drizoro Watmat.  Test sections of Maxrest and Maxseal on concrete bridges.

Restoration of  Overhead Bridge supports at Croydon Station. Setting of rail fixings using Maxgrip.

Sealing of  pre-stressed Bridge Deck Sections-Cooks River Bridge, Canterbury –Maxrest, Maxseal.


Southern Cross Hotel:  Sealing of below ground walls using Maxseal. Gazebo Hotel:  Sealing of leaking roof top water tanks, sealing of

Drizoro JOB LIST, Rising Damp in your walls - What can you do?, cementitious coatings against hydrostatic pressure

Rising Damp in your walls, then membranes are required to withstand hydrostatic pressure

below ground car park walls with Maxrest and Maxseal.

Nikko Hotel:  Sealing of roof  sections. Marriot International:  Seal floor joints and walls.

Pan Pacific:  Seal walls against water pressure entry.

New Grace Forum – Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney – sealing of all leaking lift shafts for Multiplex.

TNT:  Sealing below ground car park block walls using Maxrest  and Maxseal.

Comalco Aluminium Smelter:  Sealing of below ground Rolling Mill Pits with Maxrest, Maxseal.

Roads and Traffic Authority:  Sealing of underground areas.

Snowy Mountains Authority and Skitube Venture:  Repair and sealing of water leaks, and sealing of Water tanks – Maxrest and Drizoro Maxplug.

PERISHER- used throughout the sewer facilities augmentation project.


Drizoro JOB LIST, how to waterproof concrete swimming pool, swimming pools waterproofingDee Why:  Repairs to seawalls, repairs to rock pools and saltwater pools.

Waverley:  Repairs to rock pools. Armidale road repairs, Canberra Total Care footpath repairs.

Wollongong:  Repairs to rock pools, paving etc. using Drizoro Maxpatch, Maxrest, Drizoro Maxplug.

Shoalhaven Council:  Setting of guardrails and handrails in Maxgrip, repairing  footpath using Drizoro Maxpatch.  Minor bridge repairs using Maxrest.

Gosford Council: Footpath repairs using Drizoro Watmat, Drizoro Maxpatch.  Bathurst Council:  Sealing on outside of water filtering system to stop water leaking.

Sutherland Council, repairs and coating with Maxseal of Jetties to prevent salt water ingress.

General Repairs:  Sealing of walls on houses to seal joints and bricks.  General spalling repairs. Many building companies are using Drizoro Products to solve difficult water penetration problems.

Garden Bed Tanking – Home Units

Coffs Harbour, Great Lakes Council, Albury, Mudgee, Orange, Cowra, Wodonga, Ballarat.

Albury Council-external sealing of large City water storage tanks to seal water leakage.

Queensland Drizoro Job List

Townsville Council – restoration of sewer facilities.

Toowoomba Shire, Casino Shire:  Sealing of reservoirs, some from outside some from inside.  Cairns:  Sealing of swimming pool.  Konrad Casino: Sealing  masonry blockwalls to prevent water penetration.

Watpac:  Sealing against flowing ground water into basements using Drizoro Maxplug.

Drizoro Job List, Maxi plug water stop in minutes

MaxyPlug quick setting hydraulic cement that instantly stops running water

Brisbane City Council:   Maxrest for general concrete repairs. Gold Coast Council:  Sealing of swimming pool. Sealing of manholes using Maxseal.

Kurrumbin Builders Registration Board:  Seal wall against hydrostatic water.  Supplier to several councils for the repair of sewer and water systems. Northern River Council: Repairs to sewers and methane tanks. Albert Shire, repairs to sewer risers and water services. Max Christmas Property Management: General property repairs, Brickwork. Kings Rd., South, facade and basement repair and sealing. Marina Mirage sealing of Car park slab. Mainbeach Tower, seal water entry. Inlet seal block work in basement. Reedy Creek Quarries, stop groundwater entry to manholes. 

Victoria Drizoro Job List

NAVY- HMAS Cerberus: Sealing of water leaks and complete restoration of water tanks.  Melbourne City Council:  Restoration of surfaces at Tramways and Bus Depots, sealing of fountains and below grade chambers.  City Hall:  Sealing of leaks in fountain and basement leaks.

Repair to car park areas using Drizoro Maxroad. Sealing of floors in Piggeries.

Drizoro Maxroad was used in the restoration of damage to roads along Tramways in Melbourne.

Kiewa Murray Water – repair to water and sewer facilities in Wodonga and Beechworth also Albury (filtration-settling tanks)

Canberra Drizoro Job List

ACT-Parliament House – Joint House Committee:  Repair and restoration of Swimming pool at Parliament House-external application of Maxseal and Maxrest.

Also repairs to pipes and storm water channels ACTEW

Darwin Drizoro Job List

NAVYRepairs of general spalling and sealing of walls at Navy Barracks and Army Barracks.

Sealing of  Concrete Salt Water Tanks.

Drizoro JOB LIST, Drizoro Maxy-road- repair products for concrete highways, roads

Maxroad used for repair of concrete highways, roads

South Australia:  Sealing and Coating of areas at University of South Australia. Repairing of Slabs at Bus Depots using Drizoro Maxroad. Sealing of rising damp in concrete floors at RAAF Base.

Repair to floors in Penfolds Winery, Drizoro Watmat and Drizoro Maxpatch. Councils: general repairs to footpath and kerbing.  Ocean outfall repairs.  Sealing of Road tunnel roof.

Western Australia: General repairs to Buildings using Maxrest. Burswood Casino – prevent groundwater ingress. Seal staff showers. Sealing of water leaks in Polly Farmer Tunnel after failure of other waterproofing products.

Drizoro Job List General:

OLYMPIC VILLAGE: Sealing of all retaining walls, garden bed tanking and wet areas

Leyland Brothers: Below Sea level- internal sealing of block walls against water ingress Fratters Rd., Sans Souci, Whitton Rd., Chatswood. Quarrymasters Drive., Pyrmont.

 Restoration of Sewer Treatment works at: Beechworth, Wodonga, Townsville, Goldcoast, Sunshine Councils, Perth, Perisher.

drizoro job list maxquick roll best Cement Base Waterproofing Decorative Coating, water resistant, decorative coating for exterior masonry surfaces,

Drizoro Maxquick Roll

Hebel Constructions at the Central Coast- product used as decorative internal and external coatings of Hebel House for Fabro Architect.

Horse Swimming Pool at Kulnurra- Maxseal, Maxrest to waterproof cinder block construction.

Olympic Aquatic Centre, Homebush- general sealing of joints and around pipes- general leaks using Maxseal Flex. Cooke and Phillip Park – Sealing of Swimming Pool and Water Features.

Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre for Baulderstone Hornibrook sealing of external wall of pool shell.Cooke & Phillip Park Aquatic Centre.

Construction Companies using Drizoro Products:

Concrete Construction- Gateway House, Sydney.Civil & Civic, Baulderstone Hornibrook, Barcley Molem,Rocla, Hume, Cordukes, , John Holland, Mainbrace,Corbett Construction.

Watpac, Multiplex, Henry & Walker, Massey Bldg. Services,  Thiess Construction, Belmadar, Australand,Henley,Masterton,Allworth Homes,Cuzeno Construction,Andersal Eng., Ward Civil, Fletcher Construction, Citilink railtunnel,Elsemore Construction,Ian McDonald Homes, Mirvac Homes, Olympic Village all planter box tanking. Westminster Homes, Australand.

Pool Companies generally specify Drizoro Products- Mutual Pools, Pride Pools, Crystal Pools, Jade Pools, Champion Pools, Tongara Pools, Mirage Pools, Award Pools, Polar Pools.

Drizoro Job List Maxseal Flex flexible waterproofing membrane coating

Drizoro Maxiseal Flex Plays an important part in Drizoro Job List

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