Quickseam Splice Tape 7.62 cm to Join EPDM Rubber Together


Firestone QuickSeam Liner Seam Tape is designed for field seaming of approved Firestone membrane panels.
QuickSeam Liner Seam Tape is used after the application of Quickprime PLUS which is designed to clean and prime the PondGardTM membrane in seaming areas.
(Firestone EPDM Poolgard Liner 1.14mm or Firestone Pondgard EPDM Liner 1.02mm)




Quickseam Splice Tape 7.62 cm

Helpful Hints on uses of Quickseam Splice Tape

Weather Conditions:
Weather conditions have to be ideal in order to properly complete a seam.
Moisture such as rain or cold damp conditions can affect seam quality.
In cold conditions, you can use an industrial heat gun to warm the liner.
(Be careful not to burn the liner)
A flat surface:
You need to have a good flat foundation to perform the seam. This can be
difficult when you’re working with the irregular contours of a pond. Use a
plywood board, or other hard surfaces, under the liner seam for stability.

Alternative primer:

How to join a seam quickseam and quickseam primer

After priming. Place Quick seam adhesive tape to the primed surface making sure all air bubbles are removed

If it is not possible to get your hands on the EPDM Taper Primer, you should then
use a towel dipped in gasoline as an alternative.
Seam Area:
The area where the seam tape is to adhere must be kept clean of any dust

and/or debris.

Quickseam Splice Tape for Joining Seams of;

Firestone EPDM Poolgard Liner 1.14mm

Firestone Pondgard EPDM Liner 1.02mm




Additional information

Dimensions N/A
QuickSeam Splice Tape

7.62cm (3Inch) x 30 Metre, 7.62cm (3Inch) x 7.62 Metre, 7.62 cm (3inch) per Lineal Metre