Waterproofing Suspended concrete slab


Waterproofing Suspended concrete slab Method

1. Prepare suspended concrete slab surfaces to be treated by removing any loose materials ensuring a clean and sound surface.

2. Any damage to the slab surface should be repaired using MAXREST.

3. Any missing mortar can be replaced with MAXREST

4. Any dummy, expansion or construction joints are to be filled with MAXJOINT ELASTIC and coated with MAXSEAL FLEX and MAXMESH  150 mm joint cover.

5. Hairline fractures up to 3.5mm wide can be coated with MAXSEAL FLEX without filling.

6. Apply MAXSEAL FLEX To a damp clean surface ensuring even coverage allowing the masonry substrate to follow the moisture into the porous surface, overlap 50mm onto MAXSEAL FLEX at joint.

7. Leave to cure for a period of 3 days minimum before the laying of the tile bed.


Protrusions & fixing to Suspended Concrete Slab


Seal around any protrusions using MAXJOINT ELASTIC

then coat with MAXSEAL FLEX and MAXMESH  150 mm joint cover.

Fix fittings & bolts to suspended slab using MAXGRIP










Note – This information is based on information from the manufacturer and from our own experience.
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