Waterproofing Design

In the construction of new buildings or the maintenance and ongoing protection of all building structures involves the selection of the correct type of waterproofing membranes and coatings to which protect all the various building elements, contents as well structural integrity. The waterproofing is designed to serve either to keep the water in (like in a tank) or out (traditional)
Waterproofing design involves the formation of an impervious barrier  to divert or prevent water entering or escaping from the various areas of building structures and is designed to protect all building construction elements.
Internal areas which may be waterproofed include bathroomsshower recesses, laundries, kitchens and toilets.
External areas to be waterproofed include roofs, planter boxes, podiums, basements, balconies, retaining walls, tunnels, tanks and swimming pools.

Building Design for waterproofing includes diverting water away from the structure itself eg. Roofs of many traditional homes are sloped to run water off the roof into gutters and then down pipes and drainage systems which run the water away from the building. Building of Eaves are designed to protect wall from the weather and keep water away from the wall as paint systems are usually only water resistant

Waterproofing Design of Aggi Drains to

Keep the water away from the footings and slab 
How to lay Aggie Pipes 
Problems are associated  Aggi –
Aggi is often just laid next to the footing without establishing a correctly graded fall, inspection or cleaning points to unclog blocked drainage and many don’t have connection site drainage

Selection of Waterproof Membranes



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