Waterproofing Concrete Swimming Pools

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Waterproofing concrete swimming pools, one of the most complex waterproofing tasks, since pools require waterproofing materials that have the highest level of technical characteristics in the relationship of waterproofing and mechanical properties.
The right waterproofing membrane results in the protection of the concrete ensuring the long service life the pool structure.
Drizoro Waterproofing Systems meet the complex requirements for durability and reliability.

Drizoro Waterproofing Swimming Pool Systems provides a watertight surface, with no leaks due to the protrusion of filtration pipes, and penetrations
Whilst also offering complete protection of the concrete surface against the chemical attack of pool chemicals, the ingression of groundwater through pool shell. Finally this swimming pool waterproofing system produces the most suitable surface for the final top coating or finish used in swimming pools such as ceramic or tiles

Other elements such as expansion joints, cold joints, slab-wall joins, drains, overflows skimmers, pipe penetrations, stairs etc. are covered Drizoro waterproofing swimming pool system.

Waterproofing New Swimming Pools

Waterproofing concrete swimming pools using Maxseal Flex, a flexible cement-based waterproofing mortar which provides a continuous waterproof pool membrane. This membrane was designed to cover all concrete surfaces, with or without, small hairline cracks, or when small movements or vibrations are expected. If larger movements are expected the Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic can be used. Where hydrostatic pressure or groundwater may be present prevents water penetration into pool protecting internal finishes such as tiles, pebblecrete and other decorative renders from delamination.

Waterproofing Concrete Swimming Pools

Waterproofing Concrete Swimming Pools using Drizoro Maxseal Flex System

How to waterproof concrete swimming pool Products required •



1. Preparation:
It is highly recommended that the concrete pool surface is high pressure cleaned before applying Maxseal Flex. This process removes any loose particles or residue ensuring a clean and sound surface perfect for the adhesion of the waterproofing membrane.

2. Apply Maxrest Passive to exposed steel to protect against corrosion.

3.Repair any damage to the surface using MAXPLUG or MAXREST. Then on the clean, efflorescence free concrete surface, apply the membrane waterproofing to your swimming pool

4. Thoroughly wet the entire surface before applying the first coat of MAXSEAL FLEX – a flexible cement-based waterproofing mortar. This provides a continuous membrane coating which is applied in two layers (1 & 2  in the diagram) to the dampened (clean water) concrete pool surface. Apply the Maxseal Flex – approximate rate of 1.0 to 1.5 Kg per layer.

5. Allow overnight between coats. Re-Dampen the surface before applying the second coat 1.0 to 1.5 Kg/m2 and the total thickness of 2 millimetres. This membrane coating not only prevents water from escaping the pool but will also prevent groundwater from entering. Maxseal Flex applications can be by brush, broom or trowel. Where the pool area is large, spraying methods are recommended.

6. Allow Maxseal Flex to cure before placing tiles (3 in the diagram) using of Maxkola Flex, a high-performance bonding mortar. Finally using a high-performance flexible pointing mortar, MAXJOINT FLEX

7. When rendering over Maxseal Flex be sure to apply a slurry coat of a bonding agent (Bondcrete) mixed with cement. This should be “flick” applied to the pool surface to assist with adhesion on vertical surfaces.

8. Leave for 4-5 days to cure before finishing the surface.

Note:– DRIZORO products are suitable for use with many popular pool finishing products including tiles, pebblecrete and decorative renders.

9. Finally Allow the pool to cure for a minimum of 14 days before putting back into service.


Waterproofing Concrete Swimming Pools

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