Waterproof Membrane for Retaining Walls

Waterproof Membrane for Retaining Walls

The waterproof membrane for retaining walls needs to be chosen correctly. Incorrect selection can affect the longevity of the retaining wall structure.

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From codes and regulations to retaining wall material options, there is a solution for every slope on your property

Steve Taylor Houzz Australia Contributor. Managing director of COS Design. Landscape, pool, alfresco and home designer based in Melbourne.

Having visited hundreds of Australian gardens, I would say that sloping sites represent 60-70 per cent of our residential blocks, with the degree of slope varying depending on the natural topography of the land or how it has been developed. Slopes can create many challenges when designing a garden with functional and usable spaces and the costs can really blow out. However, when managed well, effective terracing and the use of retaining walls can become a valuable design feature of your landscape

Waterproof Membrane for Retaining Walls

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Retaining walls come in many different forms, all with varying cost implications, so let’s explore your options and present some great design tips to help you manage your sloping site.



Codes and regulations


If your retaining wall is masonry and leaking then you may need some so watch the  Drizoro Maxplug video below to see how to stop your leak

Find out more about protecting your retaining walls. Protecting your retaining wall will make it last longer.

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