Single Leaf Construction Waterproofing Concrete Masonry

Single Leaf Construction Waterproofing Concrete MasonrySingle Leaf Construction Waterproofing Concrete Masonry

How to waterproof a building single leaf construction waterproofing concrete masonry. Building waterproofing, single leaf concrete masonry walls is efficient, economical, architecturally accepted.


This is where the block manufacturer to produce exceptionally durable and water impermeable units by using waterproof admixture

Water penetration can still occur when mortar lines are not completely intact. Cracks in, or otherwise faulty, besser blocks  which have gaps through which water can enter.



drizoro-maxseal-on-internal-wall-finishLONG-LIFE WATERTIGHT COATING Applied to Both Sides:

Besides using waterproofed block and a waterproofed masonry wall mortar mix, we offer absolutely waterproof coatings – particularly for single leaf construction – Drizoro Maxseal Flex| Drizoro Maxseal Foundation | Drizoro Maxseal Foundation Super | Drizoro Maxseal

These are high performance, impermeable, waterproof, highly protective, colourful and decorative modified, that can withstand hydrostatic pressure from either side. Drizoro waterproof materials are easily mixed and applied (recommended two (2) coats). Use brush, broom, roller, damp hessian bag, (for the ‘bagged’ finish look). Use a hopper gun spray for larger areas.  Virtually any concrete or masonry wall.
Trowel application for second coat is possible but the thickness should not exceed 1.5 mm – otherwise it may ‘craze’ crack prior to full cure, Misting with water to keep surface damp will reduce this cracking.

This 2 coat Drizoro system give finishes like ‘painted brick’, ‘bagged brick’, and other architectural finished effects. The final coating is exceptionally durable waterproof and chemical resistant. The final coating looks like conventional trowel applied render. This final membrane coating is much better than a render It will perform better and has a significantly lower cost overall.

Single Leaf Construction Waterproofing Concrete Masonry,

This building has internal walls are waterproofed with Drizoro Maxseal Foundation

Sandstone Tiles Missing – Delaminated

This is what happens to sandstone tiles when water gets behind them and the internal wall has been waterproofed with Drizoro Maxseal Foundation to prevent water entering from the outside through the sandstone tiles, the mortar lines or besser block walls.

Three reasons why the tiles delaminate and fall off the a wall, floor or suspended slab ceiling;

  1. water producing insoluble efflorescence behind tile adhesive,
  2. the tiles themselves delaminating due to the water weakening, softening the sandstone.
  3. Hydrostatic pressure from water and vapour build up behind the tile

It most likely happens by the combination of all of above causes

As a result this single leaf construction waterproofing concrete masonry surfaces it is critical to prevent moisture, water penetrations from entering the masonry wall. The surface finish such as tiles attached to it may fail. Otherwise eventually the effect of the water behind the tiles or other finished decorative coatings may push-off the external or internal coatings.