SealTuff Trafficable Membranes 

SealTuff Trafficable membranes are fully trafficable on many surfaces

  1. SEALTUFF-Cementitious Trafficable Waterproof Membrane – Multiple Surfaces
  3. SEALTUFF- Colouring Pigments

SEALTUFF Cementitious Membrane consists of a blend of cement and polymers. This is a coating with exceptional adhesive properties that is very simple to use, cost-effective and protecting your surfaces.

This trafficable waterproof membrane, a cement/polymer coating, guarantees superior long-term protection for your buildings or any other structure and additional benefits(see below).

This newly formulated product eliminates the need for complex, time-consuming applications and costly maintenance.

Some Benefits of SealTuff Trafficable Waterproofed Membranes:

SEALTUFF will speed up your workflow, reduce cost and time by drying in just 30 minutes, ready for the next coat or work step.
This durable concrete/polymer based waterproof membrane has many practical applications and properties.

The coating has exceptional adhesion. Simple to use. Cost effective and protects any surface which it has been installed on.

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