SEALTUFF the coating solution for the Container Industry

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For coating other surfaces such as containers, we recommend Easy Bond

afs rediwall easy bond coat for finishes, Shipping Container Protection

High-performance flexible key coat bonding bridge for application to NON-POROUS substrates.

For trafficable membranes, on concrete, we now recommend Maxseal Traffic 

Trafficable Waterproof Coating for concrete floors, Maxseal Traffic AFTER commercial concrete-driveway

Trafficable cementitious waterproof membrane stops water from either side


Where a waterproof membrane is required to a surface where it is not required to be trafficable Drizoro Maxseal Flex may provide part of the solution

how-to-use-Drizoro Maxseal Flex


SEALTUFF is the ideal coating solution for Shipping Container Protection extending the life of a container by many years. SEALTUFF protects the new and old metal from rust and wear.  Not only does SEALTUFF reduce effects of heat and cold but gives you peace of mind when it comes to waterproofing.
Consider the reduction of energy consumption cost when applying SEALTUFF to one of your refrigerated containers. SealTuff significantly reflects heat and reduces the surface temperature. Tests showed a reduced surface temperature exposure of 40 C (!) degrees Celsius when applying SEALTUFF as a coating solution.

SealTuff Container Protection

Shipping Container Protection for Housing or Business solutions

  • SEALTUFF is the product to use if you want to live or work in a conducive environment. Benefits include heat and sound reflection capabilities, as well as 100% water, wind & hail protection functionality which equates to reduced energy consumption for heating/cooling.
    Refrigeration of Special Purpose Containers
  • SEALTUFF is the ideal coating to extend the life of a container by many years. By protecting new and old metal from corrosion wear and tear. The insulative effect also will reduce your fuel bill and the environment will thank you!
  • The SEALTUFF benefits for the Marine Industries as it’s cost-effective. The membrane is 100% waterproof. Reflects heat (additional R-rating, less energy consumption). Reduces noise and hardens the existing surfaces. Impressive adherence properties verified by certified pull strength tests on various materials applied (plywood, steel, concrete compressed slabs). Wind & hail proof due to its extreme flexibility (15 degrees) it supports the material movement.
  • Protection of shipping containers with SEALTUFF as a thermal and coating solution for the Marine Industries, especially for Shipping Container Protection
  • SEALTUFF is highly beneficial to the marine industry as it helps to increase the lifespan of marine or boating equipment and is environmentally friendly.
  • Colouring SEALTUFF is possible. Usually, colour is added during the preparation/mixing process with pigment colours or latex colours for cement. For shiny or glossy finish you can also use a cement sealer after Sealtuff is applied. Sealtuff WHITE as a ready mix for immediate use.
    For large surfaces, it’s recommended to use a spray gun For smaller areas use a roller or brush. Surfaces using Sealtuff as a coating solution can be textured by using a trowel or textured roller.


The Sealtuff benefits for the Marine Industries are mainly that our cost-effective product is 100% waterproof, reflects heat (additional R-rating, less energy consumption), reduces noise, hardens the existing surfaces (impressive adherence properties verified by certified pull strength tests on various materials applied including plywood, steel, concrete and compressed slabs and is wind & hail proof. This is due to its extreme flexibility – Surfaces and doors can be applied with Sealtuff. Our product has been successfully tested in harsh environments and extreme conditions. Sealtuff can be applied on cleaned rusty surfaces. It protects metal surfaces from further oxidation for years to come. Its anti-slip and 100% waterproof capability and its heat reflection makes Sealtuff the ideal coating solution.
Sealtuff can be applied on landing stages made of e.g. concrete/stone, wood and metal. In addition to its 100% waterproof properties, additional key benefits of our product are its anti-slip properties, heat reflection and surface protection.



Shipping Container Protection

CAUTION: DO NOT use Sealtuff on bituminous surfaces or add water to the mix


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