Creative Use of Sealtight Clear Sealer

 Uses of SealTight Clear Sealer

The key Advantages of Sealtight Clear sealer are

  • Protects weak and old substrates.
  • Prevents blistering and deterioration of paints and does not contain oils or solvents.
  • Does not require special protection. Safe for the user and environment.
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • NOT classified as a hazardous material. Environmentally friendly.
  • NO  bonding problems for paint, glue, or render. ie can be painted over
  • NO harm to aluminium, glass, tiles etc.
  • Permanent waterproofing, preservation and protection.

How Creative can you be?

sealtight-waterproof--clear-sealant-for slab-tile-masonry-mortar lines showers sealtight-sealer-is-unseen-on-concrete-mortar-tile-sealers, natural stone clear sealer, sealtight-sealant-waterproof-slab-masonry natural stone sealer, sealtight-waterproof-brick-masonry, clear finish

Important Caution

SEALTIGHT Clear is not a surface treatment but a concentrated saturant that will penetrate any porous surface. If the surface absorbs water it will absorb SEALTIGHT.

Do not apply to any surface with a previous coating of silicone, siloxane or solvent-based material.

Sealtight Clear sealer Is A Penetrating Clear Concrete Sealer Product.

If you see that is not being Absorbed. Do not apply.

Select a small test area, if water/sealer does NOT penetrate the surface DO NOT apply.

If sealing grout lines, remove any overspray from surrounding areas immediately.

Any surface excess must be spread over areas NOT saturated. Or remove excess using a sponge or mop within 3 minutes.