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SEALTUFF – S.P.U. RAPIDCURE-UV Thixotropic is a Solvent Based MEMBRANE

user friendly single component membrane polyurethane, forming a unique single component solvent based “Elastomeric” high performance waterproofing, UV resistant membrane.

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SEALTUFF – S.P.U. RAPIDCURE-UV Thixotropic is a Solvent Based MEMBRANE

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Waterproofing Bathrooms Wet Areas


Product Description:

SealTuff – S.P.U. RapidCure -UV Thixotropicuser friendly single component membrane based on SPU70OUVR polyurethane technology, forming a unique single component solvent based “Elastomeric” high performance waterproofing, UV resistant membrane. High tensile strength, excellent wear characteristics, outstanding hydrolytic stability and with a shore “A” hardness of 72, the system is designed to provide solutions to a multitude of waterproofing requirements. E.g:roof decks, balconies, terraces, wet areas, under tiles, pavers, garden beds.

Product Advantages:

  • Good tensile strength, elastomeric and flexible, monolithic, no lap, seam or weld
  • Low VOC, complies with Green Star requirements.
  • High resistance to fouling, stagnant water and puncture.
  • Chemical resistant, superior adhesion to surfaces, remains flexible at low temperatures.
  • High UV resistance, excellent crack bridging.
  • Low VOC level 130g/l – High non volatiles – 90%
  • Eliminates the need for TOP COATING

Application Fields:

Balconies, terraces, paved areas, Roof decks, not subject to vehicle traffic.

Green roofs, garden beds. High vapour barrier Waterproofing applications

SealTuff – S.P.U. RapidCure -UV Thixotropic polyurethane technology, provides a user friendly single component membrane attaining good film build, with excellent crack bridging elastomeric properties with high resistance to puncture, once the membrane has cured.

RAPIDCURE-UV is a general purpose and wet area membrane and meets all the requirements of: – AS/NZS 4858:2004 Wet Area Membranes as a Class III membrane

General Application details

• Surfaces must be suitably prepared, clean, dry and sound, free of contaminants prior to the application.

• Rack blasting, diamond surface grinding, high pressure water cleaning (3,400psi) minimum acceptable pressure.

All dust, dirt and loose existing paints, efflorescence, membrane etc is to be fully removed prior to priming system application.

Concrete, Steel and cast iron require abrasive grit blast to a (Near-White Metal) (SSPC-SP10) or Class 2½ blast for most non-immersion applications and prime with RAPIDCURE- UV diluted with 10% Xylene or Solvesso 100, as first coat  application.

•  Lightly stir before using, can be applied to both, vertical or horizontal surfaces using a 15mm nap roller,  brush or spray (Graco airless)

• Apply a minimum of 1.2kg/m2 for a minimum dry film thickness of 1mm..

CLEAN UP: Tools should be cleaned with Xylene or MEK before curing.


•  Rapid Cure -UV Thixotropic is not designed for substrates subject to vehicular traffic.

Drying times: LESS than <15©
14 hours – Maximum 36 hours   Dry film: 12-14 hours

Drying times: Greater than >15©
4-6 hours – Maximum 36 hours                Dry film: 8-14 hours

Tiling/toppings: 24 hours  @ normal ambient conditions of 23© – Full cure 7 days

Storage: Best storage conditions are in a dry area at room temperature, avoiding humidity and frost

Cleaning: Product while in a wet state will clean up with Xylene or MEK before curing . Once dried, product will need to be removed by mechanical means.

Very FAST  “WET AREA” tanking using the “RAPIDCURE SYSTEM” :

SEALTUFF P.U.– Rapid Cure Primer”    – overcoat 30 – 40 minutes

SEALTUFF- Rapid Cure Joint Sealant MASTIC”  –  tack free 30 to 40 minutes

and “SealTuff – S.P.U. Rapid Cure -UV Thixotropic MEMBRANE”  for base.

Water based “SealTuff – WPU12 “ a fibre enhanced single component under tile membrane for the walls.

Fine dry sand i.e. 7C Filter Sand Grade: ES0.56-0.70mm UC<=1.5

Application Procedure:

  1. Scrape and clean walls/floor of wet area/balcony.
  2. Seal floor/wall joints and around protrusions with SEALTUFF- Rapid Cure Joint Sealer MASTIC
  3. Prime floor to 100mm upturn and around protrusions on wall using  “SEALTUFF Solvent PU– RapidCure Primer
  4. Apply one coat Sealtuff  P.U. “SealTuff – S.P.U. RapidCure -UV ” –Thixotropic MEMBRANE  using 15mm nap roller. (Do not push the product with the roller/brush or application thickness will suffer)
  5. Seed the membrane while wet with fine dry sand to provide positive GRIP.
  6. Allow curing, apply first coat of SealTuff – WPU12 a fibre enhanced single component under tile membrane. OR:   One coat SealTuff S.P.U. RapidCure” -UV Thixotropic MEMBRANE  using 15mm nap roller

Flood Test, no higher than 50mm

Packaging: Standard 15 Lit Pail  (18 KG)  will cover 15 m2 approx. Colour: Grey

Optional: Self leveling Grade.

General Specification:

Wet Cured
Substrate moisture  Up to 5% Elongation >500%
Specific gravity of mixed product 1.35kg/litre Tear Strength 20 Kg/cm
Solids content 90% Tensile strength 3.43 (mpa)
VOC 130 g/l  UV resistance Excellent
Appearance High viscous Shore A hardness 72

SealTuff Specifications RAPID CURE SYSTEM – Wet Areas | Bathrooms | Balconies

SEALTUFF – Rapid Cure Primer
SealTuff – S.P.U. Rapid Cure -UV Thixotropic

SEALTUFF- Rapid Cure Polyurethane Joint Sealant
SealTuff – WPU12 – Under Tile




This Product Data Sheet (PDS) summarises our best knowledge of the product, including how to use and apply the product based on the information available at  the time. You should read this PDS carefully and consider the information in the context of how the product will be used, including in conjunction with any other product and the type of surfaces to, and the manner in which, the product will be applied. Our responsibility for products sold is subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale. CMA does not accept any liability either directly or indirectly for any losses suffered in connection with the use or application of the product whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification, recommendation or information given by it.

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