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Rapidcure is a low modulus, one component, and Class A polyurethane sealant. When cured, it will form a tough, flexible seal capable of cyclic expansion and compression movement of the original installed joint width. It has excellent resistance to normal weathering conditions such as rain, sunlight, atmospheric contamination and pollution.


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Rapid Cure Joint Sealer is a low modulus, hybrid, one component, and Class A polyurethane joint sealant. When cured, it will form a tough, flexible seal capable of cyclic expansion and compression movement of the original installed joint width. It has excellent resistance to normal weathering conditions such as rain, sunlight, atmospheric contamination and pollution.


 – VOC compliant

 – Low modulus

 – Excellent durability

 – Can be painted over

 – Non-staining

 – Excellent exterior durability,  –  Tough

 – Excellent colour retention.

 – with the ability to increase impact and wear resistance by cross linking with Powerlink.


Rapid Cure Joint Sealer is typically used for Insitu concrete and render, Recast and tilt up panels, Brick work and block work, Plasterboard face and paper lined

Recessed edges, Fibro cement sheet, Aluminum windows, Granite, Sandstone and Marble, GRC, Fiberglass and most specialty Panel systems


Appearance Non-sag smooth thixotropic pasteable
Cure method Moisture curing
Rate of Cure 2 mm 24h
Skin Time 60 min
In service Temp. range 340°C to +80°C
Colour Grey
Specific Gravity 1.35 to 1.4 g/ml
Chemical resistance Resistant to dilute acids, alkalis & some solvents.
Intermittent contact with diesel & petroleum.
Elongation to break 500%
 Full cure 7 days
Application Temperature 5°C to 35°C
Movement Capabilities +-25%

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS for Rapid Cure polyurethane joint sealant:

Surface preparation: Clean and dry all surfaces by removing foreign matter and contaminants such as laitance, oil, dust, grease, frost, water, dirt, old sealants, curing agents and any protective coating. Dust and loose particles should be vacuumed cleaned.

DO NOT USE METHYLATED SPIRITScorrectly looped-shape-of-sealant-with-depthof-half-width

PRIMING: For maximum performance on porous surfaces and, in al periodically immersed and submerged applications, use POLYBOND PRIMER. Porous substrates not subject to immersion or ponded water, eg. Vertical expansion joints in concrete or masonry structures, do not require priming if clean, dry and uncontaminated.

APPLICATION: Apply Rapidcure in a continuous bead using enough pressure to properly fill the joint. Tool off surface of sealant with an appropriate sized spatula or trowel. Apply sufficient pressure, ensure maximum contact with the interface of the joint.

  • Appearance Non-sag smooth thixotropic paste
  • Always use backing rod for correct sealant geometry
  • Tool sealant to achieve concave shape
  • Minimum allowable joint depth is 6mm – Minimum allowable joint width id 5mm
  • Depth to width ration of 1:1 up to 12mm width, and 1:2 from 12-50mm width

COVERAGE: – The estimated lineal metre yield, per pack size, of polyurethane joint sealant is recommended in the following table. No allowance has been made for waste or irregular joint geometry

JOINT SIZE (D X W) 6mm x 5mm 10mm x 10mm 10mm x 20mm
300ml cartridge 10  3 1.5
600ml  sausage
20 6 3

        Calculation formula (W x D X L) / 1000 = Litres  – where  W = Joint Width (mm) D = Joint Depth (mm) L = Length (metres) so to get

The number of 300ml cartridges just divide the Litres / 0.3 = No of 300ml Cartridges
The number of 600ml cartridges just divide the Litres / 0.6 = No of 600ml Cartridges required.

PACKAGING: 600ml Sausages, 20 per carton

LIMITATIONS: Rapid Cure Joint Sealer MUST NOT BE;

  • Used in chlorinated water such as swimming pools, spas etc
  • Used on any material containing bitumen
  • Constantly immersed in salt water
  • Used in glazing applications
  • Applied to cement based substrates within 28 days of initial pour
  • Applied below 5°C or above 35°C
  • Exposed to water and/or alcohol before it has completely cured
  • Applied less than 5mm in width
  • Maximum joint width on vertical substrates is 20mm
  • Allow 14 days for full cure, joints over 20mm
  • Maximum joint width on horizontal substrates is 50mm
  • Composite metallic facade systems can be subject to significant daily cyclical movement due to temperature variations. Deformation of installed sealant before full cure may permanently deform the sealant finish prior to full cure, especially on northern and western elevations in full sunlight.

PAINTABLITY: Rapid Cure Joint Sealer can be painted after seven (7) days minimum. Coatings contain solvents such as enamels, oil based or other coatings may cause the surface of the sealant to become tacky. Surface coatings may crack and craze as a result of cyclical movement. Field tests are recommended to ensure compatibility.

CLEAN UP: CLEAN UP UNCURED MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE USING INDUSTRIAL GRADE SOLVENT. Cured polyurethane joint sealant material can only be removed by mechanical means only.

STORAGE & SHELF LIFE: Store between 5°C and 30°C. Shelf life is one (1) year in original unopened cartridge or sausage.

PACKAGING: 600ml Sausages, 20 per carton

Safety: Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for personal protection, proper handling and storage

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