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Water based hybrid acrylic Polyurethane one component Membrane.
Used for Wet areas, exposed podiums, terraces, decks, roofs (light foot traffic). Gutters.
Areas requiring “Anti-carbonation”  barrier.


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Product Description:

SEALTUFF-P.U. HYBRID – WPU-15 is based on hybrid acrylic water based polyurethane technology, forming a unique 1 component solvent free membrane that can be offered as an AS4858 compliant wet area waterproofing membrane and as an exposed weatherproof membrane for external applications. A solvent and isocyanate free product, when used in wet area applications it will provide a compatible surface for finished surfaces such as tiles, screeds, concrete beds etc. Also compatible with acrylic paints, acrylic textured coatings etc. Suitable for applications such as:

• Wet areas and shower alcoves
• Balconies and deck areas
• Sandwich seal between existing and new substrates, e.g. old to new concrete; cement screeds over concrete and CFC surfaces
• Roof applications (light foot trafficable)
• Box gutters
• Parapets and feature walls
• Anti‐carbonation coating

Based on unique hybrid technology, WPU-15 provides a user friendly 1 component membrane that achieves good film build, with high elastomeric properties. WPU-15 offers excellent adhesion properties over building substrates including concrete, masonry, renders, cement sheeting, wet area sheet surfaces and plaster board surfaces.
Possesses excellent flexibility and elastic recovery, good drying properties and low water absorption properties.

WPU-15 meets the requirements of:

  •  AS/NZS 4858:2004 Wet Area Membranes as a Class III membrane
  •  AS3740: 2004 Waterproofing of Wet Areas Within Residential Buildings 
    Product Advantages:


  •  Elastomeric and flexible with good elastic recovery
  •  Once cured will not re‐emulsify, handles permanently wet conditions
  •  Excellent UV resistance
  •  Excellent chemical resistance
  •  Excellent adhesion to surfaces
  •  Compatible bonding properties for tile adhesives, screeds and renders
  •  Solvent free, non-hazardous, VOC level <84 ppm

General Application details

• Surfaces must be clean, dry, suitably prepared and in a sound state prior to beginning the application.

• Substrates are recommended to be primed before applying the membrane. See Sealtuff WEP160 Water based Epoxy Primer.

• As a wet area membrane WPU-15 requires a suitable bond breaker at all substrate junctions.

Bondbreaker Detailing Tape is recommended to be used or equivalent bond breaking methods compliant with local waterproofing standards and building recommendations

• WPU-15 membrane should be lightly stirred before using, and can be applied to both vertical or horizontal surfaces using a roller or brush

• A minimum of 2 coats is recommended to be applied. For optimum performance a total minimum coverage of 1.5litres/m2 is recommended in wet area applications. On exposed vertical surfaces, optimum results at a coverage of 1 litre/m2.


Important Notes

When used as external exposed membrane, must be applied when rain is NOT imminent. Ponding water is to be avoided for a minimum 72 hours once the membrane is applied in normal ambient conditions.
Drying times are:

  • Recoat: 2‐4 hours
  • Dry film: 8‐12 hours
  • Tiling/toppings: 24‐48 hours 
    Based on normal ambient conditions of 23 C
  •  Polymer modified cement based tile adhesives are recommended for direct adhesion to the membrane
  •  Acrylic or SBR bonding agents are recommended for applications of screeds and renders directly over the membrane
  • Best storage conditions is in a dry area at room temperature, avoiding humidity and frost
  • Product while in a wet state will clean up with water. Once dried, product will need to be removed by mechanical means or with solvent cleaners.


We offer a variety of packaging options from small cans and pails up to large drum sizes. Contact office to discuss packaging needs. Standard: 15 lit/pail

General Technical data

Wet Form

  •  Specific gravity of mixed product:- 1.2kg/litre
  •  Solids content:- >70%
  •  VOC:- <84 ppm
  •  Appearance:- High viscous; colour options available

Cured membrane

  •  Elongation:- >380%
  •  Tensile Strength:- >1.15MPa
  •  Adhesion to concrete (primed):- >1.22MPa
  •  Water vapour transmission:- 0.94g/24h/m2
  •  Shore A hardness:- 60









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