SEALTUFF-Epoxy Primer WEP160

SEALTUFF-Epoxy Primer WEP160

2 component Water Based epoxy compound used as both primer and moisture barrier for concrete and masonry surfaces. Non-flammable, low VOC and odour, can be applied to damp surfaces, freshly laid concrete, suitable for bonding a wide variety of coatings and adhesives.

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2016-11-02_sealtuff-epoxy-primerSEALTUFF-Epoxy Primer WEP160


Product Description:

SealTuff -Epoxy Primer WEP160 is a two component water based epoxy compound used as both a primer and moisture barrier for concrete and masonry surfaces. Primarily used to prevent moisture penetration and rising damp through mineral surfaces, WEP‐L160 can be applied to damp surfaces and over freshly laid concrete (“green concrete”), screeds and renders with excellent hydrostatic pressure resistance. Low odour, non-flammable and low VOC, WEP160 displays outstanding adhesion properties to concrete, concrete block, brick, masonry, stone and timber surfaces. Once dried, it provides excellent moisture resistance in positive and negative applications, forming an excellent surface for finished decorative coatings, membranes and adhesives to be directly applied over. Suitable for internal, external, underground and, immersed areas as a primer or protective coating.

Applications for SealTuff-Epoxy Primer include:

  • Moisture barrier/dry lining on negative sides of underground wall surfaces preventing ingress of moisture, e.g. lift pits, basement walls, tunnels, cellars, car parks, retaining walls etc.
  • Protective primer over concrete and mineral surfaces that contain residual dampness, enabling the application of membranes or finished coatings preventing vapour blisters and de‐bonding from the substrate.
  • Low water vapour transmission protective coating over “green” or damp concrete.
  • Protective moisture barrier against rising damp of floors, enabling direct adhesion of vinyl, carpet, tiles, timber, levelling compounds, screeds etc.

SealTuff -Epoxy Primer Product Features:

  1.  Non flammable, low odour and low VOC
  2.  Able to be applied to damp surfaces and freshly laid concrete
  3.  Easy water clean up
  4.  Pot life 1‐2 hours (@ 250C)
  5.  Compatible surface for bonding a wide range of coatings and adhesives

General Application details

• Surfaces must be clean, sound, stable and free of: loose foreign material; existing coatings; laitance; release agents; curing compounds and oil/grease residues. Smooth or polished concrete should be profiled by mechanical abrasion to promote optimal adhesion.

• In negative waterproofing or rising damp applications, efflorescence must be removed from the surface.
Using Efflorescence Rid to enable maximum adhesion strength and resistance to hydrostatic pressure.

• Surface voids, cracks (non‐movement), pitted areas, low points, holes or any deformed areas need to be repaired and filled/levelled. Repairs should be carried out using Drizoro Maxrest repair mortar repair systems to ensure the surface is made good before applying WEP160. Mixing Components:

• Both Part A and Part B should be stirred lightly to ensure a homogeneous state before mixing commences.

• Measuring by volume, add equal parts of Part A and Part B into a clean pail or mixing container. Thoroughly mix the two components for approx 3 minutes until a homogeneous mix is formed, and best mixing is done at low‐medium speed to ensure the desired blend.

• Measure the desired mix quantity to ensure only enough compound is formed that can be used within an hour of pot life. Allow the product to settle for 5‐10 minutes after mixing before using.

• If applying over damp surfaces, these areas must be free of surface water. Cannot be applied over sitting water on the surface. If applying over dried surfaces, such as aged concrete, applying a water mist over the area is recommended to lightly dampen the surface.

• Applying onto floor areas, best results achieved using a squeegee or stiff nylon broom, working the WEP160 into surfaces, enabling optimum absorption and penetration into the substrate. Ensure any pinholes or voids are worked over when applying by broom or squeegee.

• Applying onto wall surfaces, a medium‐long nap roller is recommended. Spraying is possible, need to ensure correct and uniform coverage if this option is to be considered.


SealTuff-Epoxy Primer


• Best results always achieved with 2 coats. For rising damp or prevention of efflorescence, a minimum 1 coat application may suffice at 3.0m2/litre. For waterproofing or creating a moisture protective barrier on the negative side of walls, then a minimum of 2 coats is recommended at 3.0m2/litre per coat. Attention and care should be taken to ensure a uniform application and required coverage is achieved. If the recommended coverage hasn’t been achieved in 2 coats, then further coats should be applied until the recommended coverage is achieved.

  • The first coat of SEALTUFF-Epoxy can be diluted; this is dependent upon surface porosity. 5% dilution is recommended on porous surfaces and up to 10% for denser surfaces. Dilution should only happen with the first coat, it is not recommended to dilute the 2nd coat.
  • Once applied, allow 24 hours curing before the application of membranes, adhesives, mortars, levelling compounds and other coatings. Curing will be prolonged in cooler temperatures and in high humidity. It is not recommended to leave WEP160 for more than 5 days before covering over with tiles, self levellers etc. Complete cure is 7 days @ 250C, 50% R.H.
  • Clean surfaces, tools etc with water or soapy water while in a wet state.

Important Notes

  • Gloves and eye protection should be used when handling this material.
  • Keep containers in well ventilated areas, ensuring lids are correctly secured.
  • Shelf life is 12 months in unopened packaging if stored under cover at temperatures not exceeding 300C.
  • Store product away from frost.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation while using and avoid inhalation of any vapours.
  • Avoid spillage into water courses, drains where possible.
  • Consult detailed MSDS


We offer a variety of packaging options. Standard pack sizes available in 20L, 10L kits. Other sizes are available, contact office to discuss packaging needs.

General Technical data

 Appearance :- Wet ‐ Part A ‐ Grey; Part B ‐ White. Dried – semi gloss, matt when aged
 Volume Solids:- 48%
 Mixing ratio:- 1:1 by volume
 Wet film thickness:- 300 micron/0.3 mm per coat
Pot Life:- 1‐2 hours @ 250C, 50% R.H.
 Recoat:- 4 hours @ 250C, 50% R.H.
Full cure:- 7 days @ 250C, 50% R.H.
 VOC:- 9 grams/Lt
 Water Vapour Transmission:- ASTM E96 – 15g/m2 1 coat; 9g/m2 2 coats (300 micron/0.3 mm DFT)  Adhesion to concrete: ASTM 4541 – 8N/mm2






SealTuff-Epoxy Primer- damp surface & green concrete








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WEP 160

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