Maxseal Foundation – waterproof membrane coating


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Foundation is commonly used where aggressive conditions exist

Foundation Cement-Based Waterproof Coating For Concrete And Masonry

Cementitious waterproof membrane coating for concrete, brick, cement, blocks and masonry. Waterproofing basements, retaining walls, car parks and foundations. Swimming pools, irrigation channels, tunnels, dams, water tanks and treatment plants as it is non-toxic. May be tinted, painted or tiled over. Just add water.
Coverage: 1kg per square meter per coat.


Maxseal Foundation - waterproof membrane coating for aggressive conditions

Drizoro Maxseal Foundation Cement-Based Waterproof Membrane Coating For Concrete And Masonry 

VideoTechnical Data | MSDS 

 Drizoro Maxseal Foundation – A cement-based waterproof membrane coating for concrete, brick, cement, blocks and masonry. Used for waterproofing basements, retaining walls, car parks and foundations. Also suitable for swimming pools, irrigation channels, tunnels, dams, water tanks and treatment plants as it is non-toxic. Tint Maxseal Foundation if desired. Treat as a normal concrete surface. Render, paint, or tile over this membrane.

painted or tiled over. Just add water.


Waterproofing of retaining walls, car parks, basements, elevator pits, and below-grade ingress of water in foundations.
Maxseal Foundation can also be used as a waterproofing layer. Or barrier against humidity by capillarity on a variety of mortar substrates.


  1. Good adhesion, it becomes part of the substrate, fills and seals all pores, missing mortar lines etc.
  2. Apply ONLY to wet surfaces
  3. Spray applied application using an airless sprayer (3 to 5mm tip)
  4. Treat as a normal concrete surface. Render or paint over the membrane.
  5. NOT affected by salts and acids in soil.
  6. Easy to apply with Drizoro brush.
  7. Will seal against positive and negative water pressure.


Application Instructions

Surface preparation:

Make sure the surface to be coated is –
Sound, clean, free of traces of paint, loose particles, dust, grease, mould release compounds, gypsum, and efflorescence. It is the applicator’s responsibility to determine the presence of (salt) efflorescence prior to application. Remove efflorescence using Efflorescence Rid and apply Sealtight Clear to the affected areas to block the salt from penetrating.

To obtain a good bond to concrete or masonry surfaces, it needs to be a medium to high porosity substrate. If low porosity Drizoro Maxseal Flex should be used. At the wall/floor junction, cut a 2×3 cm. slot, and refill it with Drizoro Maxrest or Drizoro Maxplug or Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic.
If honeycombing is present in concrete, patch it with Drizoro Maxrest.

Concrete scaffolding wires or passing rods must be cut and patch with a minimum 1 cm. deep must be made, then patch with Drizoro Maxrest.

Surface preparation:

Important: Drizoro Maxseal Foundation can only be applied to a wet surface, No other primer or other product is required except in areas where salt treatment has been carried out. Apply Drizoro Maxseal Foundation in these areas while the surface is still wet with Sealtight Clear.

Concrete and masonry foundation walls are subject to extreme pressures and water aggressiveness.
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Pour clean water into a bucket and add Drizoro Maxseal Foundation, a ratio approx 3.5 Kg powder to 1 litre of water mix slowly with an electric drill (400-600 rpm) obtaining a thick creamy paste.
Let material rest for 5 minutes before application.
A 25 Kgs. Drizoro Maxseal Foundation bag requires 7-7.5 Litres. of water.


Dampen the surface with clean water and apply a first Drizoro Maxseal Foundation layer with a 1,5 Kg / m2 load. Leave 14 to 24 hours of curing (overnight) between coats. Dampen the surface again before applying a second coat. Avoid pinholes. Coats MUST be applied crosswise with a 1 Kg / m² load (1 to 1.5 mm wet film thickness)

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Caution Do Not:

  • Apply in excess of 2 layers.
  • use on to bitumen or polyurethanes.
  • Place plastic or core flute protection boards against treated surfaces prior to backfilling.

Drainage cell and aggregate can be placed.



During curing, water vapour may condense on the surface in poorly ventilated areas. Place exhaust fan or heat source to eliminate moisture saturated air.
Allow the surface to cure for 3 days prior to backfilling and 7 days prior to filling the structure with water.

Applications tools:

Drizoro Maxseal Foundation cementitious waterproof membrane coating is applied by brush, Maxbrush Or Broom to ensure penetration into pores and hollows. Apply at a thickness of approx. 1 mm to form a continuous and even coating, do not extend as paint and apply only in one direction. Apply the second layer crosswise.
After application, clean brushes and equipment with water for further use.

Application temperature:

  • At summertime temperatures, wet the surface with abundant water to cool the surface. If fast drying is observed, water can be mist sprayed 2 hours after the product application.
  • Wintertime DO not apply
    when the temperature is below 5 C or expected in the first 24 hours of curing
    Never apply on frozen or icy surfaces. The optimal working temperature is between 15 to 28 C.
  • Rainfall expected, avoid applications. Especially within the next 4-6 hours further to application.

Health and Safety Caution:

  • Like all cement products, Drizoro Maxseal Foundation is an abrasive compound.
  • Not toxic. Take care whilst mixing and applying. Do not let it come into contact with the hands.
  • Avoid inhalation of any dust
  • Wear Rubber gloves for your protection.
  • If it splashes in the eyes, rinse well with clean water; do not rub.
  • If irritation persists, consult a doctor


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14 Kg Handipack, 25 Kg Bag, 25 Kg Pail


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