Drizoro Maxrite 700 – repair damaged concrete

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Maxrite 25 Kg
Non shrink, high early strength, thixotropic,normal setting, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, structural repair mortar with corrosion inhibitors, specially designed for high performance structural concrete repairs exposed to an aggressive environments, additional protection of the steel reinforcing. Mix can be used for longer times and thixotropy allows repair of new and old concrete without the need for using any form work, applied manually or by mechanical means.

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25 Kg

Normal Setting, Polymer-Modified, Fiber-Reinforced, Structural Repair Mortar With Corrosion Inhibitors

Description – repair damaged concrete

Technical Data | MSDS| Specifications

maxrite700 before damaged concrete Drizoro Maxrite 700 - repair damaged concrete
Maxrite 700 is a single component, cement-based, microsilica and polymer-modified, fiber- reinforced restoration mortar with corrosion inhibitors. It is specially designed for high performance structural concrete repair exposed to an aggressive environmental ambient and provides an additional protection of the steel reinforcements. Its long open time and thixotropy allows for the repair damaged concrete whether new or old. Repairs to the concrete are simple without the need of form work and can be applied manually or by mechanical means.

Application fields

  • Maintenance of industrial areas damaged by aggressive environments, acid rain, atmospheric pollution, etc.
  • Structural concrete repair affected by corrosion of reinforcements in marine environment, bridges, harbours, dams, etc
  • Repair of concrete structures with carbonation process.
  • Repair of damaged concrete by deicing salts, freeze/thaw cycles, mechanical impacts, etc.
  • Concrete repair affected by repeated loads.
  • Repair of pre-fabricated concrete elements.

Advantages of Maxrite 700  to repair damaged concrete

maxrite700 after-Drizoro Maxrite 700 - repair damaged concrete

  • Corrosion inhibitors prevent corrosion against chlorides and aggressive corroding agents, extending considerably the service life of the structure.>
  • It’s open setting time allows the quick completion of the repair of large surfaces.
  • Good chemical resistance in aggressive environmental ambient due to its microsilica content.
  • Waterproof. Withstands freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Offers high resistance to carbonation penetration.
  • High adhesion to concrete and reinforcements. Does not require special primers. The transmitted Loads onto the repaired structure.
  • High impact and mechanical strength. Long lasting repairs.
  • Good thixotropy. Application in successive layers without slump or the need to use formwork. Allows high thickness per layer.
  • Easy workability and application. Repair damaged concrete can be completed by spray with the use of the wet-method.
  • Single component mortar. Only requires water for mixing and it is odourless, making it suitable for poor ventilated areas.


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Weight25 kg