Drizoro Maxrite®700 – repair damaged concrete


drizoro_maxrite700_Technical Data | MSDS| Specifications

Non shrink, high early strength, thixotropic, normal setting, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, structural repair mortar with corrosion inhibitors, specially designed for high performance structural concrete repairs exposed to an aggressive environment, additional protection of the reo. Mix used longer. Repair of new and old concrete without the need for using any formwork.



Drizoro Maxrite®700

Normal Setting, Polymer-Modified, Fiber-Reinforced, Structural Repair Mortar With Corrosion Inhibitors

Drizoro Maxrite®700 to repair damaged concrete

Technical Data | MSDS| Specifications

Drizoro Maxrite®700 is a single component, cement-based, microsilica and polymer-modified, fibre-reinforced restoration mortar with corrosion inhibitors. Specially designed for high performance Maxrite.  Protects structural concrete repairs when exposed to aggressive environmental conditions. Provides additional protection of the steel reinforcements.

Its long open time and thixotropy allows for the repair of damaged concrete whether new or old. Repairs to the concrete are simple. Without the requirement of formwork. Application manually or by mechanical means.

Application fields

  • Maintenance of industrial areas damaged by aggressive environments, acid rain, atmospheric pollution, etc.
  • Structural concrete repair. Which is due to damage by corrosion of reinforcements. In the marine environment, bridges, harbours, dams, etc
  • Repair of concrete structures with carbonation in process.
  • Repair of damaged concrete by deicing salts, freeze/thaw cycles, mechanical impacts, etc.
  • Concrete repair is affected by repeated loads.
  • Repair of prefabricated concrete elements.

Advantages of Drizoro Maxrite700 to repair damaged concrete

  1. Corrosion inhibitors prevent corrosion against chlorides and aggressive corroding agents, extending considerably the service life of the structure.
  2. Its open setting time allows the quick completion of the repair of large surfaces.
  3. Good chemical resistance in aggressive environmental ambient due to its microsilica content.
  4. Waterproof.
  5. Withstands freeze/thaw cycles.
  6. Offers high resistance to carbonation penetration.
  7. High adhesion to concrete and reinforcements.
  8. Does not require special primers.
  9. The transmitted Load onto the repaired structure.
  10. High impact and mechanical strength.
  11. Long-lasting repairs.
  12. Good thixotropy.
  13. Application in successive layers without slump or the need to use formwork.
  14. Allows high thickness per layer.
  15. Easy workability and application. Repairs to damaged concrete can be completed by spray. Use of the wet method.
  16. Single component mortar. Only requires water for mixing and it is odourless,
  17. Suitable for poorly ventilated areas such as tanks.
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Preparation of the surface:

Drizoro Maxrite700 before repairs

Before repairs with Drizoro Maxrite700  – rusty reo exposed

Remove damaged and loose concrete. Clean cut the edges perpendicularly to a minimum depth of 5 mm. Expose all corroded reinforcement. Remove all concrete until reo bars no longer show rust.
Clear concrete all around the reinforcement for efficient cleaning and surround it with a minimum thickness of at least 1 cm. of MAXRITE®700.
Remove the rust by wire brush, needle gun, sand or shot blasting, etc.
For additional protection, an application of the oxide converter and protector Drizoro Maxrest Passive – (steel corrosion inhibitor) is applied to the reo.
Prior to application of Drizoro Maxrite®700, dampen the exposed surface until saturated but do not leave free-standing water.


 Drizoro Maxrite®700 is mixed exclusively with clean water, free from contaminants,  either manually or mechanically by a low-speed drill (400 – 600 rpm).
One 25 kg. bag or drum of Drizoro Maxrite®700 requires about 3,75 to 4,25 litres of water to achieve proper consistency of a repair mortar (16% ± 1%).
For applications using pump or spray machines. The mixing water can be increased up to 4,5 litres per bag.
Quantities are only indicative, onsite testing for the desired consistency and the existing ambient conditions.


Drizoro Maxrite700 after repairs

After repairs with Drizoro Maxrite700 

For optimum bonding prepare a slurry, mixing 5 parts of Drizoro Maxrite®700 with 1 part of water, mixing thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency without any lumps is achieved.
Apply the slurry using a Drizoro Application Brush on the surface to be repaired and on the reinforcement bars, filling all voids and pores.
While the slurry is still fresh, start placing Drizoro Maxrite®700. Use the consistency of repair mortars.
Apply the layers between 5 and 50 mm thick.
Trowel on the Maxrite mortar whilst pressing with the trowel. This prevents any air entrapment.
Mark or scratch the surface of each layer with the trowel to improve the adhesion of the following coat, which can be placed after about 30 minutes. Shape the last layer as desired before the final hardening occurs.
Once the repair is finished it can be coated with cement-based coating MAXSEAL (Technical Bulletin Nº.: 01) or Drizoro Maxseal Flex (Technical Bulletin Nº.: 29),

Application conditions:

Do Not Apply when –

  • at a temperature below 5 °C.
  • When lower substrate or ambient temperatures (<5°C) are expected during the 24 hours following the repair.


Under extreme conditions of wind or heat, lightly spray water over the repaired areas for at least one hour.
Cover the repairs during the first 24 hours. Especially when temperatures are above 30ºC and the relative humidity is below 50%.


Clean Tools and equipment immediately with water after use. Remove set material by mechanical means.


Estimated consumption of Drizoro Maxrite®700 is approximately 1.85 kg/m2 per mm. thickness.
One 25 kg. sack of Drizoro Maxrite®700 fills approximately 13.75 litres
Fills 0.54 litre/ kg of Maxrite.


Should the slurry primer dry or the previous layer is completely set. Apply a new slurry coat to continue the job.

DO NOT use 

  •  any Drizoro Maxrite 700 leftovers to prepare a new batch.
  •  mixing methods that are too violent.
  •  over mixed product or mix for prolonged periods.
  •  curing compounds on the repair.
  • never exceed the thickness per layer in the application.
  • exceed the amount of mixing water recommended.
Setting time is measured at 20 ºC.
Higher temperatures reduce setting time.
Lower temperatures delay setting time.

For any other application not specified in this technical bulletin consult our Technical Department.

PACKAGINGdrizoro_maxrite700_repair damaged concrete, Fibre-Reinforced-Structural-Repair-Mortar for concrete cancer

Drizoro Maxrite 700 is supplied in 25 kg. bags and drums.



Twelve (12) months in bags and eighteen (18) months in drums and cans, in their original unopened packaging, in a dry and covered place, protected from frost and humidity with the temperature above 5 ºC.


  • drizoro-maxrite 700-with-corrosion-inhibitor-fibre-reinforced-cementitious-mortar, repair damaged concrete

    Tests, generally after 28 days  Mixing water:- 15%

    Drizoro Maxrite Normal Setting, Polymer-Modified, Fiber-Reinforced, Structural Repair Mortar With Corrosion Inhibitors


    Drizoro Maxrite®700 is non-toxic but is an abrasive compound by its composition. Avoid eye and skin contact. Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles during application. In case of skin contact, wash affected areas with soap and water. In case of eye contact, rinse with clean water but do not rub. If irritation continues, seek medical attention.
    Safety Data Sheet of Drizoro Maxrite®700 is available by request.
    Disposal of product and empty packaging to be according to national regulations by the final user.


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Maxrite – Repair Damaged Concrete

Maxrite 700 not only repairs damaged concrete it coverts any rust, and protects, the steel reinforcing in the concrete from further damage.

The information contained in this leaflet is based on our experience and technical knowledge, obtained through laboratory testing and from bibliographic material. Drizoro reserves the right to introduce changes without prior advice.
Use of this data beyond the purposes expressly specified in the leaflet will not be the Company ́s responsibility unless authorized by us. The data shown on consumption, measurement and yields are for guidance only and based on our experience. This data is subject to variation.
Caused by specific atmospheric and job site conditions. Variation of data may be experienced.  Recommended to Test onsite. Testing Is the clients’ responsibility. We shall not accept responsibility exceeding the value of the purchased product. For any additional information, consult our Technical Department.

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