Drizoro Maxmesh – Woven Fibreglass Reinforcement Membrane


Woven fibreglass mesh 200mm x 50 mtrs. Used in conjunction with Drizoro Maxseal Flex to reinforce and strengthen areas such as cold joints and construction joints.



Drizoro Maxmesh Woven Fibreglass Mesh Membrane Reinforcement



Drizoro Maxmesh is a woven fibreglass mesh membrane reinforcement designed for use with waterproofing coatings to reinforce and  strengthen in areas subject to movement.

   Uses of Drizoro Maxmesh

To reinforce and strengthen Drizoro MAXSEAL FLEX in areas such as;

  • Cold joints where substrates meet, for example, the intersection of a brick or block wall on a concrete slab.
  • Cracked concrete.
  • other liquid applied membranes


Drizoro Maxmesh is an open weave woven fibreglass mesh allowing adhesion between coats of waterproof product. It does not form a  barrier between coats. • Drizoro Maxmesh remains strong and flexible.

Additional information

Dimensions500 × 0.48 cm

200 mm Wide, 50 mm Wide