Firestone Quickprime PLUS


QuickPrime Plus is designed to clean and prime the PondGardTM membrane in seaming areas, before application of a QuickSeam product. The primer activates the PondGardTM membrane surface and improves the seam quality. Quickprime Plus is applied with a Quickscrubber Pad and Handle.

250ml is good for approximately 7.5m of splice tape.



Firestone Quickprime Plus

Firestone Quickprime Plus is designed to clean and prime the EPDM membrane prior to the application of Quickseam products. Quickprime Plus must be applied with a Quickscrubber Pad and Handle.
Surfaces to be primed must be clean, dry and free of foreign materials, talc and dirt. Pre-cleaning with Splice Wash may be required. Stir Firestone Quickprime Plus thoroughly before and during use. When exposed to lower temperatures for a prolonged period of time, restore to room temperature prior to use. Pour the required amount of Quickprime Plus into a bucket for ease of application.
Apply Quickprime Plus to the EPDM membrane with a Quick scrubber Pad and Handle, using long back and forth strokes with moderate to heavy pressure along the length of the area. Continue until surfaces become dark grey in colour (no streaking or puddling). Factory seams require parallel as well as perpendicular application motions along the factory seam. Allow the primed surfaces to dry completely according to the touch-push test (usually less than 10 minutes) before applying Quickseam products (3″ seam tape, 6″ batten cover strip, 9″ formflash etc)
Method of Application:
1. Splice surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of foreign materials and excess dusting agent. Clean with broom or rags to remove contaminates.
2. Stir QuickSeam Plus thoroughly before and during use. Apply QuickPrime Plus at the rate of 4.91 – 6.14 square meters per litre) per side to the splicing surfaces using the QuickScrubber or QuickScrubber Plus pad and handle.
3. Use back and forth strokes with heavy pressure along the length of the splicing area, until membrane surfaces become dark grey in colour with no streaking or puddling.
4. Additional scrubbing is required at factory seams, areas of the excess dusting agent, or other contaminated areas of the RubberGard membrane. Change pads every 61 m.
5. When using the QuickScrubber or the QuickScrubber Plus pad and handle, factory seams require parallel as well as perpendicular application motions along the factory seam. Apply sufficient pressure on the QuickScrubber Plus pad and handle during application so the pad holder flattens to allow the total surface of the pad to contact with the RubberGard membrane.
6. Allow the surfaces to dry according to the touch – push test (usually less than 10 minutes) before applying QuickSeam products or Splice Adhesive SA – 1065.
7. Complete seaming procedures per Firestone’s Specifications and Details.
Thinning is not allowed. The following coverage rates can be achieved Per Litre of Quickprime Plus,
Standard seam with 3″ seam tape = 15 lineal m – 2 sides
“>6” batten cover strip = 8 lineal m – 1 side
“>5” Flashing Tape = 10 lineal m – 1 side
9″ Formflash = 4 lineal m – 1 side
RPF Strip = 15lineal m – 1 side
RMA Strip = 15 lineal m – 1 side
• Resists to temperature shocks up to 100°C
• Excellent resistance to ageing, heat and cold
• Translucent when dry which allows guide marks to show through after application
• Base                     – rubber polymers
• Color                    – translucent grey
• Solvents               – heptane, toluene , methyl alcohol
• Solids (%)             -16-18
• Viscosity (cp)       – Very thin, free flowing
• Specific gravity   – 0,793
• Flash Point (ºC)   – < -18

Precautions Firestone Quickprime Plus

Flammable, keep away from sources of ignition. Do not smoke when using. For professional use only. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children.
Storage Quickprime Plus

Store in original containers at temperatures between 15 – 25 degrees. Keep the material out of direct sunlight until ready for application.

Shelf life – 12 months, when stored in above-mentioned conditions, shelf life will be reduced if exposed to higher temperatures.


Firestone Quickprime Plus is used for seams on


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250 ml, 950 ml, 3.78 Litre