Drizoro Maxroad Repair Roads Traffic Bearing

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Drizoro Maxroad


Very Fast-Setting, Cement-Based Repair Mortar For Concrete Paving In Highways, Bridge Decks And Industrial Pavements Exposed To Car Traffic

Sets with high compressive strength. Maxroad will allow traffic bearing repair patches to be put back in service 1 hour after repair completed.



repair roads traffic bearing patches drive on in one hour


Very Fast-Setting, Cement-Based Repair Mortar For Concrete Paving In Highways, Bridge Decks And Industrial Pavements Exposed To Car Traffic

Drizoro Maxroad is for repair roads traffic bearing patches where vehicular traffic can be restored within a couple of hours.  A cement-based, fast setting patching material that develops high compressive strength. Maxroad will allow repair roads, traffic bearing patches to be put back in service 1 hour after restoration repair of the concrete pavement is completed.


Drizoro Maxroad® is a one-component mortar formulated with special types of cement, well-graded aggregates, additives and synthetic fibre-reinforced.

Mix with water to achieve a high-performance mortar. Maxroad is suitable for urgent repairs and patching, allowing putting into service to traffic in two hours.

Application Fields

  •  Urgent repairs of concrete paving exposed to heavy wheel traffic in highways, bridge decks, parking areas, etc.
  •  Indoor and outdoor repairs of concrete floors in industrial plants, truck docks, airports, warehouses, ramps, etc.
  •  Concrete floor repair, filling of voids and defects before levelling surface by application of self-levelling mortars.

Benefits and Advantages

  1.  Fast-setting: rapid return to service of the repaired area after 2 hours.
  2.  High mechanical resistance
  3.  Excellent impact resistance,
  4.  Fibre-reinforced.
  5.  Withstands freeze-thaw cycles.
  6.  Good adhesion to concrete.
  7.  Suitable for damp surfaces.
  8.  Allows layers from 30 to 50 mm thickness.
  9.  Chloride-free.
  10.  Environmentally friendly: non-toxic, cement base and solvent-free product.

Drizoro Maxroad repair roads traffic bearing patches, Technical data

Application Instructions Drizoro Maxroad is for repair roads, traffic bearing patches

Surface preparation

Remove all disintegrated and unsound concrete until achieving a structurally resistant substrate. Square cut or undercut the perimeter of the area to be patched. Minimum depth of at least 30 mm. Avoid small or sharp angles in the edge of the patch. Clean the surface thoroughly. Free of dust, dirt, coatings, efflorescence, oil, grease or any other foreign material that could affect to adhesion of the mortar. Use water blasting or equivalent mechanical means to clean concrete and provide a porous and open textured surface.


A 25 kg bag of Drizoro Maxroad® is mixed with 4,0 to 4,5 litres (16–18 %) of clean water, depending on the ambient conditions and the consistency required. To optimize adhesion and curing. Maxroad can be used as mixing liquid dilution of 1 part of MAXCRYL® (Technical Bulletin No. 3) and 3 parts of water.
Pour the water or dilution in a clean container and then slowly add Drizoro Maxroad® mixing by a slow speed electric drill (400-600 rpm) fitted with a disc mixer, for about 2-3 minutes until achieving a smooth, lump-free and homogeneous mortar. Allow the mixture to rest for 1 minute to fully wet out all the powder, and remix briefly before applying.

Mix only the amount of Drizoro Maxroad® that can be placed in 10 – 15 minutes. After this time, the mortar will have started its setting and will no longer be workable. To keep the workability of the fresh mortar, remix again but do not add more water.


For an optimum adhesion prepare a bonding slurry by mixing 5 parts of Drizoro Maxroad® and 1 part of mixing liquid or water, until achieving a homogeneous consistency without any lumps. Apply the bonding slurry by brush Maxbrush® or broom Maxbroom®

Patches up to 50 mm thick:

When bonding slurry begins to lose brightness but is still fresh, start the application of Maxroad® by trowel with a maximum thickness per layer up to 50 mm. If slurry dries up, or the previous layer is completely set. Apply a new slurry coat to continue the job.

If several layers are required. Roughen the surface to improve the adhesion of successive layers. Score each layer scored and allowed to cure for 15-30 minutes before applying the next one. To provide a non-slip surface, comb slightly the surface with brush Maxbrush®. Patches deeper than 50 mm thick:  Add 8 kg of clean silica sand, free of fine particle fillers, and with a maximum size up to 10 mm, per each 25 kg of Drizoro Maxroad®.  Mix dry both compounds before adding the water. Add enough water to achieve a workable consistency mortar, but avoiding any excess which may cause bleeding or segregation, taking into account that the addition of sand reduces the water demand per sack. Apply by trowel to the desired thickness.

Application conditions

Do not apply 

  • at temperatures below 5 ºC. or if lower temperatures are expected during the first 24 hours.
  •  to frozen or frosted surfaces.
  • Do not apply with the temperature above 40 ºC. For applications at hot temperatures (>30ºC), low relative humidity and/or windy conditions.
    In summertime wet the surface thoroughly with plenty of water before application. Keep product stored below shadow and use cold water for mixing.
  • For cold weather applications, to shorten the setting time, warm or hot water (about 25 °C) can be used.

With hot temperature (>30ºC), windy conditions and/or direct sunlight, protect immediately from quick-drying the first 24 hours by spraying a fine mist of water or by covering with polyethylene sheeting and damp burlaps. Also, a curing agent such as Maxcure® can be applied.
Allow Drizoro Maxroad® to cure for 2 hours at 20 ºC before road traffic. Lower temperature increases the curing time.


Clean mixing and application tools immediately with water after use. Once product hardens, this can only be removed by mechanical means.


Estimated consumption of Drizoro Maxroad® is 2,0 kg/m2 per mm thickness. A 25 kg bag fills a volume of about 15 litres.

Patches deeper than 50 mm thick: adding 8 kg of sand (3-10 mm size) per 25 kg bag of Drizoro Maxroad® fills a volume of about 20 litres, i.e. about 1,4 kg/m2 per mm thickness of Drizoro Maxroad®.

These figures are for guidance only and may vary depending on porosity, texture, substrate conditions and application method. Perform a preliminary test on-site to ascertain the total consumption exactly.


Drizoro Maxroad is for repair roads traffic bearing patches where vehicular traffic can be restored with the hour. Note that road surface must be wet for the pavement restoration with Drizoro Maxroad to work effectively.


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