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  • Maxi plug water stop in minutes

    Drizoro Maxplug – instantly stops running water

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  • Drizoro Maxrest Concrete Spalling Repairs

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  • drizoro_maxrite700_repair damaged concrete, Fibre-Reinforced-Structural-Repair-Mortar for concrete cancer

    Drizoro Maxrite®700 – repair damaged concrete

    $140.00 $140.00
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  • Drizoro Maxroad- repair products for concrete highways, roads

    Drizoro Maxroad Repair Roads Traffic Bearing

    $125.00 $125.00
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  • mixing drizoro-watmat-quick-setting-mortar-leveling

    Drizoro Watmat Quick setting mortar for levelling

    $112.00 $112.00
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  • Drizoro MaxGrip Pourable Anchoring Cement for setting anchor bolts

    Drizoro MaxGrip Pourable Anchoring Cement

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