Quick Set Anchoring Cements

Quick Set Anchoring Cements

Quick Set Anchoring Cements are usually pourable hydraulic expanding or expansive cements. They are used by industry to fix machinery, building structures into concrete or masonry slabs, walls, racking Dyna bolts etc



  • No messy or toxic epoxies just require a clean wet surface.
  • Anchoring cements are used in new & old construction.
  • Machinery has moved.
  • Change of Use of premises has left old fastening which are not suitable.
  • Easy Replacement, out with old & in with the new to be fastened in place.
  • Original Dyna Bolts, or other types of fixings, may need to be removed.
  • Repairs made to the old concrete surface with non expanding hydraulic cements


In the case quick set anchoring cements it best to remove old fixings completely then repair the concrete where replacing a fixing removed the old, cut out old, place new fixing as required and place the original bolt into the new hole with the appropriate quick set anchoring cement.

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