Painted Wall with Vapour Causing Bubbles in Textured Paint Finishes

Painted Wall with Vapour Causing Bubbles in Textured Paint Finishes

It was disappointing to see this newly re-painted wall with bubbles in it. Water vapour causing bubbles in textured paint finishes. The wall forms part of the building structure and a garden bed has been placed behind it. The bubbling paint is most likely caused by water penetrating through the garden bed’s waterproofing causing bubbling and blistering.  The video provides evidence where the paint is not adhering.

Some Causes of  Air Bubbles in Textured Paint Finishes

  1. Painting when surface contains to much water.Leaking Garden bubbling Paint
  2. The wall has hydrostatic pressure on it.
  3. Incorrect paint – doesn’t breathe enough
  4. Physical damage to the paint allowing water to enter behind the paint
  5. Sun damage allowing moisture to enter.
  6. High rainfall and humidity.
  7. Lack of adhesion of the paint commonly caused by dirt underneath the paint, failing to prime a wall.

How to Prevent Delamination of Paint Finishes

Correct Preparation and Product selection

New work

When painting ensure the surface is clean, efflorescence free and completely dry. Prime or seal as is specified.

Where hydrostatic pressure exists (water penetrating from behind the masonry wall to be coated). Clean and remove efflorescence using Efflorescence Rid. Wash off all cleaning materials from the wall. While the wall is still wet you can apply the recommended waterproof membrane from the Maxseal Family

Repainting – Pressure wash to remove loose old paint. Sand any rough spots  Remove any efflorescence using Efflorescence Rid. Rinse wall and treat as specified.

If you’re painting a wall that has hydrostatic pressure behind it then please consider treating all areas (treat the whole wall would be recommended).

Looking for a quick fix to protect against water vapour then use of then the Clear Concrete Sealers 

You can check out the benefits of SealTight


You will find the below range of products would be helpful, especially where surfaces are not easily dried.

Drizoro Repair Mortars for irregularities in concrete and masonry walls.
Waterproof decorative Single Coat render

Expansion Joints and Flexing Cracks
Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic