Hydraulic Expanding Mortars

Hydraulic expanding mortars are cements or mortars which, when mixed with water, forms a paste like mortar that increases in volume as it sets. Defined by the expansion of the mortar or cement is significantly greater than portland cement.

Please note that hydraulic expansive mortars / cements harden best and show the best expansion properties when curing in the presence of moisture.

Uses for Expanding hydraulic mortars are to compensate for volume decreases due to shrinkage of concrete and induce tensile stress in reinforcement.  

Highly waterproof hydraulic expanding cements and expanding mortars are commonly used for

  • sealing joints between prefabricated reinforced-concrete structural members. Also 
  • sealing around protrusions in concrete decks,
  • anchoring of bolts or machinery to concrete slabs and for
  • manufacture of certain hydraulic engineering structures.

Drizoro has a number of hydraulic expanding mortars

  • Drizoro Maxrest – non shrinking expanding waterproof mortar, quick setting, non-slump mortar. Uses include restoring concrete and masonry to its original form especially where damaged by concrete cancer.
  • Drizoro Maxplug – Quick setting hydraulically expanding cement that instantly stops running water. The leaks may come from cracks, holes or other openings in concrete and masonry.
  • Drizoro MaxgripHydraulic expanding waterproof mortar it is suitable for all types of anchoring in masonry surfaces including, anchoring bolts, starter bars, railing, posts, machinery etc
  • The Drizoro Maxgrout – is Non shrink, high resistance fluid mortar for filling, anchoring and structural repairs
  • Drizoro Watmat – A quick setting waterproof hydraulic mortar which allows vehicular traffic within approximately 2 hours of application. Used for emergency repair, leveling or resetting manhole covers on streets or public roads, plus repairs to concrete factory floors.
  • Drizoro Maxdinamit – the most expansive hydraulic expanding mortar which expands to such a extent that it can burst concrete slabs. Used in controlled demolition of concrete structures where noise, dust or explosion risk is high.

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Shrinking of Mortar



ASTM C1038 / C1038M – 14b Standard Test Method for Expansion …

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