How to waterproof a concrete panel swimming pool using Maxjoint Elastic and Maxseal Flex

Drizoro – waterproofing swimming pool built with concrete panels.

The sequence of how to waterproof a concrete panel swimming pool constructed from precast panels is:-

  1. Since the floor slab is a floating slab, to account for shearing movement, it is critical to install a control joint at the wall-floating floor intersection, in accordance with 26.28aSpecs21 – Joint Sealing.
  2. See 5 Step Process Swimming Pool Protrusions video:-
  3. Vertical joints between each panel are sealed as a control joint set out in the same Spec:- 26.28aSpecs21 – Joint Sealing.
    These joints are to be 10mm(min) – 30mm(max) wide, while the depth must not be less than 50% of the width with a minimum of 10mm deep
  4. Apply Maxseal flex as per 26.06Specs21 – External-internal walls incorporating Maxmesh between coats at all joints. See the video:- above
  5. Once waterproofed we recommend a final finish of Concreseal Plastering M, a flexible waterproof (i.e. fully submersible) cement render.
  6. 2022 pricing:-
Application Product Pack size RRP per pack Product coverage
Flexible Cement-based waterproofing-
positive & negative sides
Maxseal Flex


Maxseal Flex M







20m2 per 35kg two coats finished. ($18.15 per m2)


12m2 per 22kg two coats finished (19.33 per m2)

Meshing of cold joints between slab & wall Maxmesh 200mm x 50m $90.00
Maxbrush Each $24.00
Mixer Each $15.00
Maxjoint Elastic 10kg




250g per lineal m (20mm x10mm) $7.28 per lineal m. (using 10kg pricing)
Flexible, waterproof cement render and decorative

Finish with minimum thickness for swimming pools, and façades.

Concreseal Plastering M 25kg $150.00 1,7kg per m2 per mm thickness $10.20 per m2 per mm thickness – 3mm(min) to 5mm(max)


Keep wall wet, Maxjoint-Express-sealing-around-protrusions-and-joints-in-cracked-concrete with a trowel

Sealing joints – Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic

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How to waterproof a concrete panel swimming pool using Maxjoint Elastic and Maxseal Flex