How to Decontaminate Oil Spills with Oilzorb on Ice

Antarctic Oil Decontamination

When oil is spilt in the Frozen Areas of the world, such as Antarctica. Oilzorb still can decontaminate the ice. The video above shows how Oil and Diesel spills can be removed from ice. Oilzorb can be used even in the Antarctic.
This is how you decontaminate oil spills with Oilzorb on Ice.  Oilzorb removes oil and other petroleum contaminates

Recover Oil and other petroleum contaminants from ship bilges. Mix Oilzorb with the bilge water. Allow the oil to be absorbed before it is pumped into the ocean. Recover, the Oilzorb from the oil. Recycle the recovered oil. Reuse Oilzorb over and over.

How to Decontaminate Oil Spills with Oilzorb on Ice, Oilzorb can recover oil spills even on ice

Cleaning of Wild Life using Oilzorb Cleans Oil or Petroleum off Wildlife

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