Geotextile around Drainage Pipes – A New House

Geotextile around Drainage Pipes

When researching about installing agricultural drains you will find some books recommend that you place a geotextile in the trench before the initial gravel and then wrap the geotextile over the gravel afterwards. Its something I used to do.

You can also buy agi pipe with a geotextile “sock” around it like this:

Geotextile around Drainage Pipes – A New House, geofabric for sock on ag pipeThe idea is that the geotextile prevents the gravel, or the pipe getting clogged with fine materials.

I DO NOT  recommend this as practical experience has shown that what happens is:

  • If you wrap the gravel in geotextile the geotextile actually collects all the fine particles on its surface. This means geotextile will get clogged up stopping the water getting to the gravel and through into the pipe.


  • Normally you wrap your Aggi drain with geotextile and then back fill with sand /gravel. Then the geotextile “sock” actually collects all the fine particles on its surface acting like a filter. The “sock” clogs up stopping the water getting through into the pipe and away.

It far better to just go for a 10 mm or smaller gravel surround. Any fine material that gets through the gravel will be that fine it will easily pass through the slot and hopefully get washed down the pipe.

Warning: water draining / washing through the sand / gravel / soil may still cause blockages of aggi pipe or erosion of the soil or both.

Note: Ag pipe with Geotextile around it –  Geotextile is an efficient filter medium & will eventually block and cease to work. This type of system requires back washing like your pool does, then what happens to the fill? Erosion occurs.

So it would be recommended that it is best to use a waterproofing system that fully waterproofs your wall onto footings. Remember to chose one that can withstand constant contact with water especially where the water cannot be drained sufficiently.

– OnlineWaterproofingtShop Team

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