Concrete Silo Repairs

Due to extensive concrete cancer, Developers specified Drizoro Maxrest and Maxseal products to restore a series of heritage-listed silos being incorporated into a new development in the inner-city suburb of Newtown.

silo repair outdoor-silo-project-newtown-63-unitsSeveral heritage-listed silos in Sydney’s fashionable inner-city Newtown area have been transformed into 63 stylish apartments.

The grain silos, originally constructed in 1896, had been heritage listed and therefore could not be demolished to make way for the apartments. Instead, the existing structures were incorporated into the design.

However, it was discovered that the silos were suffering from spalling concrete and moisture penetration.

Before further works were undertaken, the construction team were required to repair the concrete and coat the exterior surface of the silos with a waterproofing product that would both seal the surface and restore the original look of the concrete structure.

The project team at Scientific Waterproofing Products were able to recommend several Drizoro products to use. First, Drizoro Maxrest was used to repair the areas of spalling concrete and concrete cancer before Drizoro Maxseal Flex was applied to completely seal the surface of the silo. Drizoro Maxseal Flex Grey was used, as the grey colour would restore the original appearance of the silos.

Drizoro Products used to refurbish these silos

Maxrest is a quick setting, non-shrink and non-slump repair mortar specifically designed for concrete repairs.
Maxseal Flex
is a cement-based, UV stable, flexible waterproofing coating for all masonry surfaces. Maxseal Flex is to waterproof against hydrostatic water pressure.

Image 1 shows the silos before the application of the Drizoro products; Image 2 shows the completed construction.


silo repair, refurbishment

Silos Before Silo Repairs and refurbishment

concrete SILO REPAIRs

Silos After concrete silo repairs and refurbishment. Construction of 63 Unit complete in Newton











Might have used a few Drizoro restoration mortars and cementitious waterproof membranes over the years
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