Drizoro Maxroad for Spalled Concrete Pavement Repairs

Spalled Concrete Pavement Repairs

Prepare areas of spalled concrete pavement for repairs to the concrete pavement. Once preparation is completed apply Maxrest Passive.

Maxrest Passive -corrosion protection for reo

Drizoro Maxrest® Passive, a one-component liquid product, which is ready to use and contains an oxide converter. The Maxrest Passive provides the corrosion protection of the reo / re-enforcing bars and any other steel and iron surfaces against corrosion.

Once applied Drizoro Maxrest Passive neutralizes the corrosion process. Reacting quickly with the rust and transforms iron oxide into a stable passive layer. Providing full protection against corrosion, salts, acid and alkali attack.

Drizoro Maxroad- repair products for concrete highways, roadsDrizoro Maxroad is for spalled concrete pavement repairs such as the repair of roads bearing high loads, or vehicular traffic. Where necessary, vehicular traffic can be restored easily within a couple of hours. Maxroad is a cement-based, rapid setting, patching material that develops high compressive strength. Drizoro Maxroad is a rapid setting repair mortar. This enables the repair of roads/pavements. Other load-bearing traffic areas to be put quickly back into service. Maxroad is trafficable in 1 hour.
The finished surface is ready for your traffic after 1 hour.


Pavement Repair carried out using Drizoro Maxroad Express. The repair was ready for traffic within 6 hours.
Maxrite Passive was used to coat the steel reinforcement to provide corrosion protection.

Reference: Drizoro Parking Garage Repair in Mall Del Sol, Guayaquil, Ecuador.