Reinforced Concrete Tanks Leaking Water

Reinforced CONCRETE water tanks  can be found on thousands of rural properties around Australia. Poured on site, concrete tanks are usually large in volume, some of which have been around for many years. Many concrete tanks leaking water which require urgent repair have been neglected over the years and as a consequence, structural issues may have resulted in cracking and leaking.
Concrete Water Tank Design goes a long way to increase longevity of concrete tanks

1. The tank’s overflow system should ensure any water overflowing does not sit around the base of the tank.

2. Concrete tanks which have water continuously have water sitting around the base increase the potential for disaster over the years. The tank foundation (base) can subside, especially if only on one side, to the wet side and cracks can be a result of this movement.  The solution, of course, is to keep the foundation of the tank dry, sit the tank on a properly constructed slab relevant drainage, such as spoon drains.

Old Concrete Tanks Leaking Water

3. Like with all buildings AVOID planting any trees/shrubs/ plants close to the tank, as roots can lift and crack concrete as well penetrate concrete the concrete itself looking for water.

4. Early maintenance of leaking tanks will ensure the longevity of your concrete tank – leaking concrete tanks creates conditions where any steel reinforcement inside the concrete walls and floors will corrode (can expand around 8 times original size) causing further cracking weakening structural strength & more leaks. Leaking of tank allows earlier breakdown of the strength of concrete surrounding the cracks through the entire wall or floor

How to stop leaks in Reinforced Concrete Water Tanks Leaking Water –

Repair your leaks now don’t wait and save $$$ in your future maintenance
Water losses when you can worst afford to.
Where leaking Drizoro Maxplug can be used to stop leaks in minutes.
When repairs to Reinforced Concrete Water Tanks Leaking Water are not carried out promptly it means that extra costs are incurred to for example restore structural integrity of the tank – structural aids such as steel bands – steel reinforcement treatment or replacement – rebuilding structural strength of walls & floors of tanks using Drizoro restoration products – cracking of walls or floor due to subsidence  caused water on surrounding ground around your reinforced concrete water tanks leaking water


repaired leaking-concrete-water-tank


Specification for Repairing Concrete & Masonry Block Water Tanks  Leaking Water

Rigid  Water Tanks

External Waterproofing Method
Internal Waterproofing Method

Flexible Water Tanks

External Waterproofing Method
Internal Waterproofing Method

Prevent Concrete Tanks Leaking Water.

  • Seal Brand New Concrete Tanks Leaking Water









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