Concrete Cancer Repair Options


Concrete Cancer Repair


Concrete cancer repair is required where concrete spalling and cracking problems caused by steel reinforcement corrosion in buildings and concrete structures caused by the acidification of the concrete.

When cancer of concrete or spalling or cracking is noticed in building areas such as concrete balconies, building facades, bridges or wharf structures, often the problem as arisen due to lack of waterproofing and protection from carbonation of the building structure.  Diagnostic analysis by a qualified engineering firms can help to identify the exact causes of the cracking or cancer problem and specify the correct rectification or concrete repair solution.

Failure to have sufficient concrete cover of the steel reinforcement and other areas poor workmanship during construction can result in ingress of carbon dioxide & moisture into the steel reinforcement bars causing corrosion due to concrete carbonation increasing the acidity, or ingress of chloride ions into the concrete forming electrolytic cells causing reinforcement corrosion are some of the causes of concrete cancer, indicated initially by concrete spalling and cracking.

The value of a professional opinion is enhanced by advice from experienced trade persons, concrete repair contractor, or the materials specification provided by the best building maintenance repair materials supplier. The resultant repair solution restores the concrete to its original form in most cases. The main part of the repair cost is usually due the ability to gain access and labour. Using an incorrect specifications and building repair materials can result in the repairs and cancer retreated. Retreating is a costly exercise instead of a once off long-term treatment of the concrete building structure.

Two Types of Treatment for Rectifying Concrete Cancer.

  1. Concrete Carbonation Due to Poor Concrete Cover or Cracking – the repair solution involves a repair system, where all the concrete in and around all spalled areas is removed until the uncarbonated concrete behind the steel reinforcement is exposed. Corrosion is removed from the reo bars and cleaned. Then a material such Drizoro Maxrest Passive  is applied to corrosion free steel reo bars, to prevent further corrosion, followed by the application of a primer or slurry coat of Drizoro Maxrest and then a Drizoro Maxrest  Mortar (2.5cm layers, no formwork required). The Drizoro Maxrest also helps restore the high alkalinity of the original concrete which gives the concrete cancer repair  greater longevity.
    Then a waterproof membrane coating of  Drizoro Maxseal Flex or Drizoro Maxseal provides the anti-carbonation protective coating to the entire concrete area.
  2. Chloride Ion Contamination of the Concrete – commonly problematic for structures and buildings located near coastal areas.  Rectification of concrete is more complex and may involve special concrete repair solutions – removal of chloride by washing, again protection of steel reo bars, and protective membranes to prevent ingress of Chloride in severe cases cathodic protection may be warranted. Cementitious Membranes like the Drizoro Maxseal range is ideal after any concrete repair but are also recommended for all repairs using the recommendation in 1.

10 Reasons Why is Drizoro is Best for Repairing Spalling Concrete.

  1. Drizoro product s are compatible to use on any concrete or masonry structure or surface.
  2. Helps to restore structural integrity as it forms part of the substrate
  3. NO form work required since typically Drizoro Maxrest DOES NOT SLUMP.
  4. Don’t have wait till surface is completely dry as the Drizoro products require a damp surface as it becomes part of the original concrete surface
  5. Quick-setting time, from 15 to 20 minutes allows a fast repair process.
  6. repairs are structurally sound, with properties comparable or higher than concrete
  7. Does NOT SHRINK or crack when setting
  8. Drizoro products are suitable for use in badly ventilated places. Odour free and non toxic. Examples – water tanks, shafts, sewers etc
  9. Does not contain any chloride
  10. No complicated components just add water.

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Concrete cancer repair what are your options
Concrete cancer refers to concrete spalling and cracking problems caused by rebar corrosion in buildings and concrete structures. … Two main types of treatment are recommended for rectifying concrete cancer. …