Commercial property maintenance

Commercial property maintenance

Commercial property maintenance shouldn’t be about reacting to large scale problems or emergencies. Instead, a good commercial property managers, have maintenance plan and are on the lookout for potential problems and respond proactively to avoid them getting bigger (and more expensive!).

The earlier a property maintenance issues are addressed the less likely they are to become nightmares.
No one wants to deal with the aftermath of an Opal Tower situation!

4 Important Property Maintenance Issues

1. Concrete Cancer Commercial property maintenance,, restoration of concrete cancer

Find out how to identify Spalling concrete or Concrete cancer in your building and how to and what materials are best suited to do the necessary repairs.

2. Foundation failure

– definitely hope you don’t have this one

Removal Efflorescence and salts from Masonry, efflorescence-slab-brick-block3. Efflorescence –

Usually one of the first signs of moisture penetration and very likely to lead to all other issues.
Determination of the cause of efflorescence is important. Repair to membranes is essential.
Removal of efflorescence is essential part of the building maintenance process.

4. Leaks –leaking-block-basement-wall-cementitious-membrane, seal rising damp out

Leaks tend to appear from time to time, often without rhyme nor reason.  They appear under balconies, in the front of units, water tanks, lift wells, basements and elsewhere. Stopping leaks as soon as possible is essential part of a long term management strategy.
Solving leaks will prevent immediately improves longevity and reduces on going maintenance costs in the building structure.
Follow the link to check some handy solutions for your leaks